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ShredQuick is a shredding company that offers Florida businesses and residents secure, convenient, and cost-effective shredding services for documents and media.

We’re dedicated to ensuring your information security and privacy by providing you the highest quality shredding and destruction service. 

Call us at (866) 934-3300 to speak with a member of our shred team who will schedule an appointment for your secure shred service. We will be happy to review your requirements and offer the best shred service option for you.

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Shredding Services of the Highest Standards

To ensure a level of service that meets the highest standards, we remain active in the secure destruction industry and stay up-to-date on industry standards and best practices.

In fact, ShredQuick has been awarded the highest security rating “AAA Certified” for on-site shredding by the International Secure Information Governance & Management Association, every year since 2002. We also exceed industry standards with general liability insurance coverage of $3,000,000 as well as errors and omissions insurance.

Shredding Service Options

Our services are offered in two frequencies: one-time, bulk shredding and recurring, scheduled shredding. We perform all shredding onsite at your business or residence. 

Shredding is done in our shred truck. Our truck has the highest standard shredding equipment. This includes a truck mounted camera that allows you to view your documents, computers, hard drives, or other media being shredded in real time.

Our Shredding services offered in Port Charlotte, FL, are:

We Shred At Your Location

You can expect a ShredQuick uniformed staff member to arrive at your home or office with photo identification.

If you’ve chosen our route-shredding service, our driver will pick up all the confidential documents that your employees have discarded into the locked containers strategically placed throughout your facility.

If this is a one-time, bulk shred, our driver will pick up all your boxes of confidential documents.

Our driver will then empty all of your security containers or boxes into one or more of our large containers and bring them directly to our shredding truck. The hydraulic lift on the truck then raises the container and empties everything into the shredder, where your confidential documents are securely destroyed.

We Offer Complete Document Destruction

A major benefit of hiring ShredQuick as your onsite shredding service company is that we shred your files, paperwork and documents beyond recovery. 

First, our mobile shredder equipment features advanced machinery that reduces the output to tiny pieces. Then the machine thoroughly mixeds these pieces with other shredded paper in the truck, making it logistically impossible to reassemble a document. After that, we fill the truck, and we recycle all shredded material. 

This process provides legal compliance with your required privacy laws.

Why Choose ShredQuick?

Compared to the other options and shredding companies available to you, ShredQuick is your best document destruction vendor. Here’s why:

  • We are local. We serve your neighbors on a regular basis.
  • Shredding service appointments are available Monday through Friday.
  • We provide “no-surprise” quotes and will schedule your appointment with one call.
  • We have no extra surcharges or hidden fees.
  • All shredding is performed at your home or office.
  • All shredded documents are sent back into the recycling stream.
  • We’ve been awarded the highest security rating “AAA Certified” for on-site shredding by the National Association for Information Destruction, every year since 2002.

These are the many reasons why we can guarantee that your confidential information will always be safe and secure while under our care.

Call Today To Schedule Your Shredding

Hiring a reputable shredding company in Port Charlotte, FL is as simple as calling ShredQuick at (866) 934-3300. 

Ask about our Guaranteed Lowest Price. Then we will provide you with a no obligation quote and will schedule your shred job. Alternately, complete the form on this page with your shredding requirements and we’ll get back to you right away.


Frequently Asked Questions From Our Port Charlotte Customers

What are the benefits of onsite shredding versus taking items to a shredding company?

The following are three reasons to use the ShredQuick onsite shredding service:

  • Immediate Destruction: With our onsite shredding service, we destroy your documents within minutes of collection. This drastically cuts down on the possibility of information being mishandled.
  • Visible Proof: If you choose, you can watch as the shred truck lifts your documents into the chute, and dumps them into the shredding machine which destroys them. 
  • Single Handling: With our onsite shredding service, we take your documents immediately from your home or office and shred them, before the shred truck leaves your location. The process is simple, reducing the chance for mistakes.

I have multiple locations across Florida. Are you able to service all of my locations?

We offer our shredding services in many areas across Florida. Click here to view a list of all our service areas.

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