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Maintaining Data Security With Your Remote Sarasota Employees During the Pandemic

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Keeping your company’s data safe and secure is an extremely important part of running a business in Sarasota. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many accepted practices out of balance, including attention to detail when it comes to the security of classified information.

With a huge number of employees around the world having to leave the office and work from home, keeping company data secure may seem like a secondary issue at the moment. However, confidential information is in heightened danger in times like these when employees suddenly find themselves working in a more comfortable and familiar location than usual and are focusing on acclimating to a new work environment. Here are a few ways to maintain the data security of your Sarasota employees while business continues remotely:

Create a clear new set of guidelines. Your employees may be unsure as to how to proceed with physical documents that need to be destroyed as well as how to protect their online data from hackers and phishing. Be straightforward and concise about exactly what your employees need to do to keep their confidential documents safe and their online connections protected during remote work.

Provide a designated container for materials ready to be shredded. If you prioritize the safety of your company’s classified information, you probably already had a system in place for employees to either shred their own documents or gather them in a predetermined place to be shredded in bulk. Though managing this practice remotely may not be as convenient, you can still successfully ensure that any material that needs to be destroyed will be. Drop a secure container in each employee’s mailbox that they can use to store documents ready for destruction and set a time for pickup each week, or have them drop the containers back off at the office at a predetermined time.

Be aware of COVID-related scams. Online scammers are taking advantage of the public’s desire to stay in the know about any updates concerning the spread of coronavirus. Make sure your employees are on the lookout for emails from unknown sources concerning COVID-19 and immediately reporting them as spam, as some of these emails contain malware that makes your employee’s device vulnerable to phishing.

Utilize VPN. A virtual private network, or VPN, allows a device to interact with other devices as though it were operating on a private WiFi connection even if it isn’t. Especially since working remotely means many employees are using their own personal devices, have them download a business-grade VPN to ensure data security.


Sep 6, 2020

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