You’ve hired a mobile document shredding company to handle hard copy destruction. Great! You’re on the right track to protecting physical documents from theft by dumpster-diving thieves. However, you also need to secure your digital data.

Here are a few mistakes you could be making right now.

Assuming You’re Not a Target

Hackers don’t necessarily care how big or small a business is. Certainly, there are hacktivists that pursue a political agenda. They might not be terribly concerned about your small business.

However, there are also plenty of mid-level hackers simply seeking an easy score. You might assume that you’re not a target. You might not take necessary precautions to protect yourself. Thus, sooner or later this attitude will come back to bite you in the form of a data breach.

Lack of Protection

Protecting yourself from hackers can be an expensive undertaking. Yet, in this day and age, it’s a necessity. Basics like firewalls, antivirus software, and password protection might not be enough. You should also consider additional protections. These include encryption and monitoring services, as well, not to mention secure backups of digital data.

Trusting Employees Too Much

No business wants to treat employees with suspicion. Though, most retail stores make employees and managers count tills before and after shifts. If they didn’t, employees could skim cash with impunity.

The point is that you can trust your employees. You can still take precautions to protect your interests and prevent illicit behaviors. This includes taking steps to ensure that employees aren’t letting hackers in the front door, so to speak.

The place to start is by setting up a system of password protections. These will make certain that employees only have access to necessary data. It will reserve confidential files for only the highest levels of security clearance, or for the departments that deal with it.

Next, you need to train employees to avoid hazards like clicking spammy links or visiting dangerous websites. Antivirus software can help a lot. However, employees need to be informed and understand the consequences of their actions.

You should also pay attention to paper. Maybe you already engage in document shredding. You don’t necessarily want to leave documents containing sensitive data lying around until they’re destroyed.

Therefore, you should find a Florida document shredding service that provides locking bins. They shred on-site, while you watch). They will move paper remains to a secure facility for recycling.

Your document destruction service may even offer extras like scanning and destroying hard drives as needed. They should comply with privacy laws. This, in turn, will keep you safe from hackers, and identity theft. It will protect you from the damage to your business and your reputation that can result from such incidents.