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Myth: DIY Paper Shredding Is the Cheaper Option for Ft. Myers Businesses

An at-home waste basket paper shredder with long strips of shredded paper.

Paper shredding is the best way to ensure your written documents and information are secure. If you’re a business owner in the Ft. Myers area, you might think that the cheapest option is to invest in a paper shredder for your office.

It’s not the worst idea if you’re a very small-scale business. But even small companies find that paper accumulates very quickly. When your documents and written records start to overflow your filing system, you may find that a DIY shredding routine is neither feasible nor sufficient. 

Below, we’ll outline the hidden costs that make DIY paper shredding inconvenient and impractical for most businesses.


Shredding takes time, which means that either you or your employees will have to devote man- or person-hours to the job. This fact is especially true when sensitive data requires employees to feed papers into the shredder one by one. Your employees are far too valuable to waste on these sorts of repetitive tasks.


Typically, businesses hold on to sensitive documents for quite a while. That means you’ll need a place to store them. Even a tiny filing cabinet can make an office feel crowded. And when dealing with sensitive documents, a filing cabinet is likely not sufficient to protect sensitive personal data about your company, customers, or patients.


What type of shredder are you using? The simple shredders sold at your local office supply store can only do so much. If you rely on consumer-grade shredders to destroy large stacks of documents, you may need to pay a lot for maintenance or equipment replacement. 


Finally, when you rely on your employees to handle sensitive information, you’re always opening yourself up to the possibility of a security breach. As a business owner, you may trust your employees implicitly. However, the longer you keep important documents on hand, the greater the risk that your data will be compromised or stolen. If this happens, your reputation could be in jeopardy. A breach of medical records could even result in legal ramifications.

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