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Naples Asks, Will the World Ever Go Completely Paperless?

Do you receive your bank statements via email or as traditional paper statements in your mailbox? Do you ask for a paper receipt, or have your receipt emailed to you when you make a purchase? These are decisions most people face every day not only for the sake of convenience but as part of society’s new level of environmental consciousness. 

By now, we all understand that saving the environment is of utmost importance. Using excess paper equates to fewer trees in nature and more waste sitting in landfills. This is why so many individuals and companies are choosing to go paperless when given the opportunity. With more and more people making this eco-friendly choice, it begs the question… will the world ever go completely paperless

3 Reasons the World Will Never Be Completely Paperless

While going paperless is positive in many ways, it’s unlikely the world will ever go completely paperless. Paper will always be around for a few crucial reasons. Check out just three of them here:


For many businesses, going paperless is just too much of an expense. The data and storage costs associated with storing all of their company’s information, paperwork, and files digitally can be pretty high. There’s also the expense of the hardware and technology necessary for storing information in this way.


You may think that going paperless would be more convenient than having physical paperwork, but that’s not the case for many companies. Providing a customer with a paper receipt printed outright at the cash register is far easier and less time-consuming than obtaining the customer’s email address and emailing them a receipt.


Even though there are benefits to going paperless, the use of paper is still important culturally. Using paper is ingrained within our culture in so many ways. Whether writing handwritten letters or having a class of kindergarteners draw artwork on paper, there is no way to eliminate paper completely from our everyday activities.

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