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New Employee Records: 5 Tips for Easy Document Retention in Naples

Three crisp white full binders. This image is meant to represent Employee Records.

A new employee brings new skills and energy to your staff. They also bring lots of new documents. These documents must be organized and retained to meet company policy and legal requirements. 

Having a plan in place for new employee document retention helps streamline the entire process, leaving you free for more important things — like showing your new employee where to find the coffee maker in your Naples office. 

Keep a Checklist of Hiring Documents

Many new employee documents need to be completed and returned. Keep a checklist of the papers a new employee should submit. Make sure all documents are promptly returned and correctly filed. 

Establishing new employee files from the start of employment makes retaining future documents easier because new documents already have a place to go.

Organize Your Files

Most employers will need to have three different types of files on each employee: a personnel file, a payroll file, and a medical file. 

Personnel files should contain information about the employee, including:

  • Resume
  • Application
  • Offer Letter
  • Employment contract
  • Emergency contact information

A payroll file is where payment information about your employee will be kept. This file is also where other financial information should be kept, like a new employee’s tax forms and direct deposit forms. 

Your employee’s medical file should contain insurance forms, benefits information, and any paperwork related to special accommodations an employee might require. 

Maintain Security

All employee documentation is personal. Some employee documentation is confidential, and it must be kept secure. To honor this responsibility, you should limit access to employee files. Make sure that confidential information is only shared when necessary, and requests for information go through the proper channels. 

Have a Strict Filing Policy

As time goes by, it will be necessary to add more documents to a new employee’s files. These might include: 

  • Attendance records
  • Write-ups and warnings
  • Reviews
  • Notices regarding raises and promotions

Establish a strict filing procedure in your office. When paperwork is created related to an employee’s work performance, may sure a copy is made and retained in the correct file.

Practice Safe Disposal

Once an employee leaves your company, have a system in place for disposing of old files as soon as they’re no longer needed. The safest and easiest option for proper file destruction is to use a professional shredding service.

Using a professional service ensures the safety of the sensitive documents in your care. If these aren’t disposed of properly, you put your company at risk of ongoing liability. 

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