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No, All Paper CAN’T Be Recycled the Same Way in Ft. Myers

A cartoon businessman holding a recycling basket with two plastic bottles in it. This image represents business paper recycling.

When tossing items in the recycling bin, you might be thinking in broad terms. Plastic is plastic, aluminum is aluminum, and paper is paper. Hence, you can recycle it, right? Sadly, that logic isn’t quite accurate, especially when it comes to paper. Even though about half of all paper is collected and recycled, not all paper can be recycled. 

Why Bother Recycling?

Let’s start with why we recycle paper. To create the paper we use, over two billion trees get cut down every year, and every person in the U.S. uses an average of seven trees worth of paper per year. 

On top of the many trees cut down, the process of creating paper uses large amounts of water and can leave behind harmful chemicals as a byproduct. The more paper gets recycled, the fewer trees need to be harvested, and the less new paper needs to be manufactured, saving energy and resources.

Recyclable Paper

Most paper that you encounter daily can be recycled, but separating them is also key. If the recyclable paper is stapled to a non-recyclable paper, you’ll need to pull the materials apart before throwing it in the bin. The following types of paper are recyclable:

  • Office paper, including colored and white paper
  • Construction paper
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Nearly every form of mail
  • Cardboard, such as boxes or paper towels and toilet paper tubes
  • Drink cartons
  • Paper cups

These items will go to a recycled paper processing mill to begin a new life as another paper product. However, recycled paper likely can’t be recycled again.

Non-Recyclable Paper

Before you throw your paper products into the recycling bin, check to see if you might have just tossed them in the trash can instead. Even though some of the items on this list may come from recycled paper, they can’t be recycled a second time. 

  • Wet paper
  • Tissues, toilet paper, napkins, and paper towels
  • Contaminated paper, such as paper with food or bodily fluids
  • Wax or wrapping paper

Be aware that some recyclable paper types may be attached to some non-recyclable paper, such as a cardboard box with wax-type paper on the outside that features logos and graphic design. Before you can recycle that cardboard, you’ll have to pull off the outside paper!

Recycling Sensitive Documents with ShredQuick

When you need to destroy old documents with classified or secret information, you can do so in an environmentally friendly way with ShredQuick. 

We’ll bring our shredder on-site, shred your documents, and give you a Certificate of Destruction. We then bring the shredded paperback to our plant, where it gets baled and responsibly recycled. That way, you can do your part to help the environment and protect your company and your clients! Just give ShredQuick a call today!

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