There are two ways to go about on-site document destruction. You can do it yourself. Conversely, you may hire a professional, mobile document shredding service to do the job for you.

The only potential advantage of a DIY strategy is saving money. However, in-house shredding is not nearly as reliable as hiring a service.

You should properly shred or dispose of hard copies containing sensitive data. If you don’t, it could lead to theft and data breach, from both internal and external threats.

This, in turn, will come with untold costs. They may include penalties, reparations, loss of business, loss of reputation, and even lawsuits.

In other words, spend a little up and hire a reliable Florida document shredding business that offers expert services. Here are a few advantages you’ll gain in the process.

Free Up Space

Document shredding, in and of itself, can help your business to go paperless. It can get rid of bulky filing cabinets and free up space for other types of storage or even personnel.

Along these lines, a document shredding service can scan old records to digital. They will dispose of your hard copies afterward.

However, in-house shredding also means keeping expensive and possibly bulky shredders in the office. Even commercial shredders can’t compete with the quality of shredding offered by an on-site service. Why waste money and space on shredders in your office?

Free Up Workers

Who is going to shred documents in your office? Will you assign this task to a single worker or group? Maybe will you require every employee to manage their own shredding. Thus, you’re trusting them to understand your shredding policies and comply with applicable privacy laws.

Who will cart the remains to the nearest recycling center? You don’t want to throw them in the trash and hope that dumpster divers don’t steal them for reassembly.

Your valued employees shouldn’t waste their time in this manner. An on-site shredding service makes the entire process easier and more effective.

Comply with Privacy Laws

This is important. Every business must comply with federal, state, and local privacy laws. Certain industries also impose even stricter confidentiality regulations. One example is HIPAA standards for those in medical fields.

A good document shredding service will be familiar with all applicable privacy laws. That includes common industry regulations. They take the responsibility for compliance on your behalf.

Avoid Data Breaches

Is there any better reason to use on-site document shredding? The right service will provide your office with secure bins for confidential documents.

They will pick up the bins and shred your documents while you watch. Then, they’ll take remains to a secure recycling facility. These measures are all designed to protect your company and ensure the safety of confidential data.