On-Site vs. Off-Site Shredding

There are two types of shredding services employed by professional shredding companies; on-site shredding and off-site shredding. While there are some similarities you may be surprised to learn that there is a big difference in the level of security offered by each service.

On-Site Shredding
On-site shredding is the most secure shredding option available, because your confidential documents are shredded on-site at your location. Your employees simply drop their everyday confidential documents into a locked security container. Then on your scheduled pickup day an on-site shredding company representative will empty the contents of all your security bins into one or more large bins. Then the large bins are wheeled to the shredding truck, where the truck’s hydraulic lift raises each one and dumps the documents into the shredder. As an added measure of security you can view the entire process on the shredding truck’s video monitor to ensure that all your confidential documents have been shredded on site.

Off-Site Shredding
With off-site shredding your un-shredded confidential documents are stored in the back of a box truck and then at the end of the day brought back to the shredding company’s plant for shredding. Most organizations that opt for off-site shredding over on-site shredding do so to save a little money. They assume that their off-site shredding company will have systems in place to protect the security of their discarded documents. But if you choose an off-site shredding company you may be putting your organization’s information at risk.

4 Ways Off-Site Shredding Companies Can Put Your Organization At Risk

1. They don’t shred on-site at your location. If you choose an off-site shredding service they will pick up your confidential documents and place them in their truck, before bringing everything back to their warehouse to be shredded. You can’t be 100% sure that that your confidential documents have been shredded, because you can’t view the shredding process.

2. Confidential documents can actually fall off the shredding company’s truck. The box truck driver for an off-site shredding company has to remember to lock the back door panel of his truck after each and every stop or else the door may fly open and your confidential documents could end up scattered all over the street. If you think this could never happen to you or anyone else, check out these videos of off-site shredding accidents.

3. Confidential documents aren’t always shredded right away. Not only does an off-site shredding company driver drive around all day with your un-shredded confidential documents in the back of his truck, when he finally returns to the shredding company warehouse at the end of the day to unload your documents, your documents likely won’t be shredded right away. In fact your confidential documents can lay around in the warehouse for days or even weeks, waiting to be shredded.

4. Off-site shredding companies hand-sort all confidential documents. They separate white documents from colored documents, so that they can get top dollar for recycling pure white paper. These companies want you to believe that their employees would never be tempted to steal your confidential information for financial gain, but it’s easy to see that hand-sorting confidential documents is just not secure. This standard practice for off-site shredding companies can expose your customers to identity theft and fraud and expose your organization to severe fines, bad publicity and lost business.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Confidential Information
ShredQuick knows that when it comes to document shredding, information security is everyone’s number one priority. That’s why we never touch your documents. Your sensitive material goes directly from your bins to our shredder, so there’s absolutely no chance your documents will end up in the wrong hands.

NAID AAA Certified LogoLast year alone identity theft and unauthorized disclosure of private information claimed more than 8.9 million victims. Don’t take chances! Protect your business and your customers by choosing a AAA NAID Certified company like ShredQuick that offers only highly-secure on-site shredding.


ShredQuick Has Been Awarded The Highest Security Rating, “AAA Certified” By The National Association For Information Destruction

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