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ShredQuick provides clients in Southwest and Central Florida with NAID AAA Certified mobile onsite secure paper shredding, hard drive destruction, computer recycling, and X-ray recycling services.

Service areas include Bradenton, Lakeland, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Ft. Myers, Naples, Tampa, Cape Coral, and the surrounding areas. Click here for a list of all our service areas.

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ShredQuick Mobile Shredding Truck being operated by an employee.

Business Shredding Services

Ensure information security and compliance for your business or organization by shredding all your end of life documents. Choose from either ShredQuick’s bulk, one-time shredding service or a scheduled, recurring, route shredding service. ShredQuick services business clients throughout Southwest & Central Florida with mobile, onsite paper shredding and document destruction.

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Residential Shredding Services

ShredQuick brings secure document shredding services right to your home’s front door. You have the chance to witness the secure destruction of your files. Our fleet of paper shredding trucks serves homes and home offices throughout Southwest & Central Florida. When you hire an “AAA” Certified Company you know you have one of the best company’s destroying your private papers.

ShredQuick is an AAA Certified Document Destruction company. We are certified by NAID, The National Association of Information Destruction. Our AAA Certification means we exceed the highest standards for security and professionalism in the document shredding industry.

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Document Shredding

ShredQuick is a trusted provider of document shredding services for Florida businesses and residents. We provide secure onsite shredding of documents including medical records, financial information, employment records, and more. We offer onsite shredding services that are secure, certified, and convenient.

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Hard Drive Destruction

Your hard drive is a depository of personal and corporate data that can be illegally used, sold and exposed. A single hard drive can hold the same amount of data as a truckload full of paper documents or more, and it can be spread around the world in seconds. Even if you’ve “deleted” your files before disposing of your old computers, the data on your hard drive most often remains accessible to hackers and identity thieves. The only way to secure your electronic data and your own peace of mind is to physically destroy your hard drives with ShredQuick, your trusted AAA Certified hard drive destruction service.

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Computer Recycling

Besides being harmful to our environment there are now strict fines associated with sending your computer equipment to landfill. Now there’s a recycling solution that is guaranteed to be 100% safe, secure and effective. ShredQuick will shred your laptop, desktop computer, or any electronic equipment weighing up to one ton.

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X-Ray Recycling

X-ray films contain private health information, just like paper of digital medical records, and require secure destruction and recycling. When possible, dental, medical and veterinary x-ray films require recycling and should not be disposed of into the waste stream as they contain silver which is a heavy metal and contaminates the environment. ShredQuick can assist you with shredding and/or recycling x-ray films in a environmentally sensitive way.

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