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Paper Shredding Services Fort Myers

We live in an age where information security is of paramount importance. Our pro paper shredding service, in Ft. Myers, serves small, medium, and large businesses and agencies.

Professional Paper Shredding
Is your company in possession of obsolete or confidential documents that are taking up space in file cabinets and storage boxes? Is your space, like a supply room, suffering from clutter? Your business may be less productive due to the issue of cluttered space.
We will de-clutter your business space and eliminate the risks related to breaches of information security. From personal records to financial reports and outdated client information, we’ll safely and securely rid you of all unnecessary pages. Our paper shredding service is a superior alternative to tossing these materials out in the trash, as the latter may represent violations of certain privacy laws.

What’s Our Advantage?

  • Secure and safe paper shredding
  • Catering to specific needs such as intermittent service or document overflow
  • Guaranteed information security
  • On-demand and on-site scheduling & emergency services
  • Never a limited quantity

We’re in compliance with current privacy legislations, and heed all necessary precautions to ensure secure destruction of documents. You receive a certificate of destruction when the job is complete.
When the papers in question are shredded, they are then recycled. We’re an environmentally-friendly service who ensures that your confidential or business information isn’t at risk.