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PII is an acronym for Personally Identifiable Information. It pertains to all forms of data that could be traced back to a particular person.

Examples include confidential identification information such as a social security number. Yet, also encompass location data and general contact information.

Obviously, it is important to keep your PII under wraps. Otherwise, someone could steal your identity and commit a variety of criminal acts.

Unfortunately, today’s technological landscape requires the relinquishment of private space. All of our personal information is tracked and recorded in one way or another.

What happens when you enable location data for an app? What occurs or when using fingerprint technology on your phone?

Additionally, we are subject to facial recognition cameras. Also, there are various types of monitoring when we’re out in public.

Therefore, considering all of this, protecting your PII is more important than ever. Read on to find out why. You’ll learn how you can protect it from falling into the wrong hands.

The Reasons Why

Perhaps, someone steals your PII. In that case, odds are they are going to commit fraud, steal your identity, or both.

Whatever can the thief do. Actually, it depends on the type of information they are able to access. For example, a simple email address allows one to open various accounts.

However, other accounts may require additional (although still obtainable) PII like date of birth, address, and social security number.

Hence, all the thief needs are your information and an internet connection.

How to Protect Your PII

Simply put, thieves cannot steal your information if it isn’t circulating out in the world. Therefore, it’s best to disclose as little of your information as possible.

Thus, you’ll minimize the risk of having it stolen. In fact, this applies to both physical and electronically-stored data.

In regards to the latter, only transferring a file to a hard drive leaves a trail of breadcrumbs. They are easily accessible even if the file itself has been deleted.

There’s a great way to protect your PII in this situation. That is to hire a mobile document shredding service.

In doing so, they will help you with all your document destruction needs. This includes hard drive and thumb drive destruction.

Finding the Right Document Shredding Service

Consider Florida document shredding by ShredQuick. They deliver a level of quality and service that is unmatched.

Now, call or email to schedule a free information security review. Additionally, you can order a free information kit. Thus, you’ll learn more about what types of document destruction services they offer.