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Protect Proprietary Information with a Bradenton Shredding Service

Maybe, your Bradenton company is small, midsize, or large.  Probably, you believe document shredding can be handled in-house.  However, there are some challenges you may not have considered. 

First, the average shredder won’t do the job.  In fact, consumer privacy laws mandate specific types of commercial or industrial shredders (cross-cut).  Additionally, they specify the size paper shreds must not exceed. 

Perhaps, your business is bound to additional industry-specific regulations under HIPAA, FACTA, GLBA, or other rules.  Hence, you may face even more stringent requirements. 

Nowadays, laws are changing to address new technologies and data retrieval techniques.  Therefore, it can be difficult for Florida companies to keep up.  Then, you have to consider the expenses.

This includes buying and
maintaining shredding equipment.  Also,
think about the loss of productivity as employees are tasked with tedious
shredding duties.  Possibly, employees
will mistakenly throw out the wrong documents. 

Really, there’s a better way to
protect proprietary information.  It is
to partner with a reputable and reliable Bradenton document shredding
service.  In reality, a professional shredding partner can help you.  With their service, you’ll avoid the
penalties and other consequences of inadequate in-house shredding.

Here’s why to consider
outsourcing this critical task. 

On-Site Shredding

Let’s say you hire a shredding
service.  Naturally, you worry they won’t
feel obligated to protect your company’s data seriously.  Therefore, seek
out a mobile shredding company that offers on-site shredding while you
watch.  By doing so, you’ll witness your documents’ destruction.  Then, you never have to wonder what happens
after pickup. 

Security Considerations

Of course, you need to protect
confidential and proprietary data.  Truthfully,
this requires you to address both internal and external threats.  Accordingly, the right Florida shredding
partner can help.  For starters, you’ll receive locking bins for use in
your office.

Consequently, sticky-fingered
employees won’t have access to confidential documents.  Then, what happens
when documents have been shredded? 
Actually, the paper remains will be transported to a secure facility.  There, they’ll be recycled.  In doing so, a chain of custody is created.

That, in turn, ensures your
data never falls into the wrong hands.  Additionally, you’ll receive
Certificates of Recycling.  These serve
as proof of your diligence in proper document disposal.

Compliance with Applicable

In truth, you must stay current
with all legal obligations.  This is
especially true when consumer privacy and proper data destruction are concerned.  Really, it is a time-consuming
headache.  In fact, the right mobile document shredding service will
manage these concerns on your behalf. 
Thus, you can focus on the important task of running your business.

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