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Protecting Ft. Myers Families with Residential Shredding Services

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Businesses are not the only entities that can benefit from professional shredding services. The average Ft. Myers resident receives dozens, if not hundreds, of confidential documents every year.

While it may be tempting to just toss them in a drawer or filing cabinet, you will eventually need to dispose of them properly. However, buying a home shredder can be costly, and sitting around disposing of hundreds of documents can waste an entire afternoon. The best approach is to contract with a professional shredding service provider.

Why Should I Shred My Documents?

When you dispose of your documents in a municipal trash can, they can fall into the wrong hands. This can lead to you falling victim to fraud, which can ruin your credit and put you in debt. While you will likely be able to undo most of the damage, it could take years to sort through the mess.

Shredding your documents ensures that information, such as birthdays, social security numbers, and account information, remains confidential. This can prevent the headache of filing a fraud claim with local law enforcement.

What to Do Before Contacting a Shredding Company

Before you contact an on-site shredding company like ShredQuick, you need to first sort through all of your documents. Separate the files that you need to keep from those that can be disposed of. When the company arrives to shred your documents, you will have everything ready to go, which ensures that you will not incur any additional fees.

Having everything presorted is essential to obtaining an accurate quote. Most customers store old documents in trash bags, boxes, or plastic containers. While you may not know precisely how much you need to shred, you can provide a good estimate. Being prepared makes scheduling your shredding service much easier.

Should I Use On-site or Off-site Shredding?

When you are researching shredding services, you will likely encounter the phrases “on-site” and “off-site.” Understanding the difference is essential so that you can choose the best shredding solution for your needs.

An on-site shredding service will dispose of your documents at your residence. They will dump your documents out of your containers and into secure shred bins. The documents are then placed in a shredder truck.

On the other hand, off-site shredding companies load your documents into a standard box truck. The files are transported back to the disposal facility, where they are then shredded. While off-site shredding services are less secure because your documents can be on a truck for hours before they are disposed of, the professionals at ShredQuick can ensure your documents are safely disposed of.

If you are looking for affordable and secure shredding services, then you need to partner with ShredQuick. We are an AAA-rated NAID-certified business and provide secure onsite residential shredding services. Contact us today for a quote.

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