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Quick Tips for Securing Your Stored Documents in Naples

Lots of three ring binders piled up wrapped up with a large metal chain which is locked with a oversized padlock. This image represents securely storing documents.

While many types of documents are going digital, the fact remains that important data is still being sent and stored on paper. Everything from personal tax records to a company’s worker information is stored on paper, and it presents a unique security challenge.

Fortunately, with a little understanding of how to secure documents, you will learn how to keep your information safe even if it means using professionals to securely destroy unneeded documents.

Naples Residents Need Secure On-Site Storage

The first tip that every Naples business and resident needs to understand is the importance of secure on-site storage. That involves creating multiple steps of security for valuable documents.

For example, lock all documents in a sturdy filing cabinet when they are not being used. Businesses and individuals should also lock the room that the documents are in when they are not in it.

Businesses can take the added step of placing the storage units away from customers and hourly workers and having cameras directed at them.

Off-Site Storage for Necessary Documents

Sometimes, businesses must maintain paper records for years to comply with the law. Off-site storage is only a good option if you can verify the security of the building and the room in which documents are stored.

You should look for a physically secure, unassuming, climate-controlled room where your valuable information cannot be viewed by anyone but those with clearance to enter the area.

Develop Policies for Keeping Paper Documents

Do you know how long you should keep a former client’s records? If not, then you should focus on establishing a policy to determine the proper length of time to store a document before it is carefully disposed of by professionals.

Understand When It Is Time to Shred

Every business will adopt different criteria for how long to maintain their paper records. While considerations for the law and usefulness of the documents must be made, it is important to realize three things:

  1. Businesses will need to get rid of their paper documents
  2. The only safe way to get rid of documents is by shredding
  3. Professional companies offer the best, most effective shredding

When the time comes to get rid of papers instead of letting them sit in a storage unit or office, proper steps must be taken.


You can secure papers at your home or business using the tips outlined here, but you will need to get rid of them at some point.

Utilizing a professional shredding company in Naples is the best way to get rid of old documents. Highly effective shredding and disposal ensures the data on the paper stays gone forever.


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