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Reasons to Use a Shredding Service at Your Tampa Real Estate Firm

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Tampa is one of the nation’s fast-growing metropolitan areas. The Urban Land Institute projects that Tampa will have the 6th best real estate prospects in 2021. Properties are being built and changing hands every day — which means that Tampa real estate offices are busier than ever.

With more clients and more sales, more information is crossing the desks of your agents. That’s on top of old files with some very sensitive data. A professional shredding service can be a crucial component in keeping this data safe. Here’s how!

Protect Your Real Estate Firm from Legal Claims

Real estate agents and brokers have a responsibility to keep clients’ information secure. Failure to do so is one of the most common reasons why claims are filed against real estate businesses today.

Everything from loan applications and credit reports to closing papers and deeds contains extremely sensitive information. Names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and account numbers are pieces of information that hackers regularly exploit to commit crimes.

Shredding services and data destruction can protect your real estate office from legal action when a previous client suffers from a data breach. Along with tight measures on current technologies, a strong shredding policy can make your office airtight when it comes to client security.

Save Your Agents and Employees Time

Local residential real estate offices aren’t corporate buildings with thousands of employees. They’re small in size and staff. Many agents are their own office administrators. When they’re not out selling homes, they’re taking care of office duties — like in-house shredding.

Outsourcing your shredding and data destruction to shredding professionals takes the time-consuming task of document shredding off of your agents’ shoulders. This gives them more time to do what they were hired to do:  Sell homes and grow business.

Be Confident That Your Data is Safely Destroyed

Plenty can go wrong with in-house shredding at a real estate office. Store-bought shredders break down and have to be replaced. Cut strands of paper can be pieced back together and used for data and identity theft. Since real estate agents are both busy and human, they can lose track of time and forget to shred old data.

A professional shredding service makes regularly scheduled visits, so you never need to worry about leaving sensitive documents behind. Their process destroys hard copies, so reconstructing them is impossible. And they’ll provide you with a certificate that verifies that your shredding job is complete every time. 

Efficient and Thorough Real Estate Shredding

ShredQuick can help your Tampa real estate office to stay compliant with privacy regulations, while keeping your clients’ data safe. Call us to find out more about onsite Tampa shredding services.

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