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Reasons Why Hospitals Should Use a Shredding Service in Naples

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No public institution is more important than a local hospital, especially in recent times. Taking care of patients involves more than overseeing their physical health; it also means protecting their private information.

Professional shredding companies play a part in helping Naples hospitals to stay on track. Here are three reasons why.

Shredding Protects Patients

Data and identity thieves exploit others’ personal information. There’s no bigger source of personal information than hospital patient records. One stray record can result in serious damage to a patient’s identity and finances. Even a record shredded by a hospital employee can be reconstructed by a diligent thief.

Outsourced shredding guarantees the total destruction of documents and data. No criminal can extract any information from a professionally shredded document. It’s the surest way to protect patients’ privacy.

Shredding Keeps Hospitals Compliant

Eliminating old patient records isn’t just a good idea — it’s the law. Each U.S. state dictates the length of time that hospitals should keep certain patient records. For Florida hospitals, it’s 7 years. Once that period expires, a hospital must destroy the data.  The HIPAA Security Rule requires hospitals to take appropriate measures to “protect the privacy of protected health information.”

Hospital records that must be destroyed include anything with identifying information. That means documents with names, addresses, birthdates, and especially Social Security numbers. It also includes X-rays, photos, and prescription bottle labels.

Professional shredding services destroy all of that information. This includes data on media other than paper, like X-ray images. Thorough data destruction helps your hospital to keep in compliance with HIPAA.

Professional Shredding Saves Time and Money

Hospitals are busy and sometimes frantic places, especially recently. Every employee plays a serious role in taking care of patients. Routine tasks like shredding documents can take employees away from more crucial duties. On top of that, having and maintaining consumer-grade paper shredders can be expensive.

Professional shredders take that significant, but mundane task off of the plates of your hospital administrative staff. Professional services guarantee that your data gets eliminated, with no leftover strands. And they’re more cost-effective than replacing less powerful shredders from office supply stores.

Complete Medical Destruction Services in Naples

ShredQuick works with hospitals, clinics, and medical offices in Naples. Our data destruction process protects your patients’ privacy, keeps your hospital compliant, and lets your staff focus on their most important duties. For more information about the ways that ShredQuick’s services can benefit your medical institution, contact us today.


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