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These days, many businesses are looking for ways to increase sustainability.  Also, they try to reduce their carbon footprint.

They cut costs and cater to consumers seeking green companies to patronize.  You can start by addressing the amount of paper used on a daily basis. 

Have you gone paperless and sent your backlog of records to your Florida document shredding partner?  In fact, they provide scanning to digital and document destruction.

Now, it’s time to consider upgrading to completely digital file storage and management.  How can document scanning help you to reduce your carbon footprint? 

Reduce Deforestation

Disposable paper goods are a major contributor to deforestation.  It’s progressing at an alarming rate.  This, in turn, leads to a host of other environmental issues. 

The world’s forests are responsible for removing carbon dioxide and toxins from the air.  Also, they produce oxygen. This helps keep the air clean and breathable. 

Plus, it reduces major contributors to climate change, like carbon emissions. In addition, forests are part of a larger ecosystem. They support diverse flora and fauna (i.e. plants and animals). 

Often, forests and jungles are clear cut for wood. When this happens, other species can die off.  It’s a result of losing their natural habitat. 

This contributes to biodiversity loss, which raises the risk of extinction for us all.  Therefore, when a business chooses to go paperless, it helps reduce deforestation and its consequences.

Reduce Paper Processing

In order to turn trees into paper, wood must be processed at lumber mills.  The wood is turned into pulp through a special process.  It requires the use of water and chemicals.

Alternately, some utilize machinery to grind up the wood into usable fibers.  Either way, the amount of water, chemicals, and/or energy needed to create paper is astonishing. 

Maybe, you’ve elected to turn over paper files for document shredding and recycling. That’s because you are upgrading to a paperless system.

Thus, you’ll reduce the need for deforestation.  Also, you’ll decrease the energy and water waste associated with the paper-making process.  Not to mention lessening related pollution. 

In addition, you’ll cut down on shipping needed to transport trees to paper mills and distribute paper products.  Thus, you will reduce carbon emissions. 

As you can see, it’s best to partner with a mobile document shredding service.  They’ll help you scan documents. Also, they’ll assist in upgrading to a completely digital system. 

This, in turn, is a great way to go green. You’ll reduce your carbon debt in a variety of ways.  Plus, you will cut costs as you do your part to create a greener future.