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Residential Shredding Services Fort Myers

Safely destroy old and unwanted documents to protect yourself against possible identity theft. Our trusted service not only serves businesses and corporations, but private households in Ft. Myers as well.

Best protection against identity theft
People possess private documents in our homes such as contracts, taxes, health records, insurance and financial documents, and invoices and receipts. You may think it’s ok to simply toss them out when they are no longer essential? However, nowadays, people must be diligent against identity theft.
We’re the top choice for residential paper shredding in Ft. Myers. We provide excellent resolutions against breaches of information. Our cost-effective and secure service allows you to declutter and get rid of old documents without hassle or worry.

Benefits include

  • A secure chain of paper custody
  • Professional level document shredding – even for your home files
  • Pick up or safe-ship the documents
  • Environmentally-friendly recycling after documents are shredded

Rely On Us
Contact us with your questions regarding shredding services in Fort Myers. We’ll provide further detailed information on what we have to offer. Our mission is to securely protect your information against identity theft and information breaches.