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Residential Shredding Services Sarasota

With our residential shredding program, you can safely destroy old documents and protect yourself against identity theft. We run a trusted service, one that caters not only to businesses and corporations but also to private households. Our services are available for the residents of Sarasota, as well as those coming from nearby locations.

Best protection against identify theft

We all have a lot of documents in our homes, which contain information that should remain private. The list can include contracts, tax records and other financial documents, healthcare, and insurance information, invoices, etc. When these papers are no longer in use, you might be tempted to throw them away. However, this will leave you vulnerable in the face of identity theft.

When it comes to residential shredding services Sarasota has to offer, we represent an excellent choice. We can provide the best protection against information breach and the stealing of personally identifiable information. Our service is both safe and cost-effective, allowing you to get rid of old documents, without worrying about any additional risks.

A service with numerous benefits in return

  • Secure chain of custody
  • Shredding process similar to the one used for business and corporations
  • We can pick up the documents, or you can ship them off (safe containers)
  • Off-site and on-site shredding service – you decide, we comply
  • All shredded documents are sent to a recycling facility, as this is an environmentally-friendly service.

Let us be your safety net

If you have questions about the residential shredding services we provide in the area of Sarasota, do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide detailed information on the benefits of using such a service; moreover, we will take the necessary time to explain how shredding can offer the best protection against information breach and identity theft.