Residential Shredding Services

Many document shredding companies simply can’t be bothered with residential customers.  That’s because most of their income comes from providing recurring shredding services to business. Residential customers and home based small businesses usually only require a one-time shred.

ShredQuick is different.

We believe we have a responsibility to the local community to offer highly-secure, on-site mobile shredding services, not just to businesses but to everyone in the community.

If you have documents that you need to shred we’ll come to your house, home office or storage facility. And we’ll shred everything on-site in our mobile shredding truck while you watch.  But before we do here are three steps you should take:


In order to give an accurate price quote a shredding company will need to ask you some questions.  So before you call, make sure that you can provide the following information:

  • How you store your documents: Our residential customers usually store their files in boxes, plastic containers, or garbage bags.
  • The number of storage containers: How many storage containers or bags do you have?
  • The size of your storage containers: If you’ve stored your files in boxes or plastic containers, simply measure the height, length, and width. If you’re using garbage bags…how full are the bags?


After you’ve provided all the information a shredding company needs to give you a price quote, it’s time for YOU to qualify THEM.  In order to make the right choice for your job, here are five questions you may want to ask any shredding company you may be considering, before scheduling your shred:

1. Will you shred my documents at my location or will you bring them back to your facility so be shredded?

There are two types of shredding services. On-site shredding is the most secure because we shred all confidential documents on-site, at your location while you watch. Off-site shredding is far less secure. This is because your un-shredded confidential documents are stored in the back of a box truck all day before everything is brought back to the company’s facility for shredding. You won’t know when they shred your documents. If you want the highest possible security, choose a shredding company that offers on-site shredding.

ShredQuick offers only highly-secure, on-site shredding.

2. Will any of your employees ever touch my confidential documents?

Off-site shredding companies get top dollar for recycling your paper. This is because they separate the white documents (like copy paper and stationery) from the colored documents (such as yellow legal paper and file folders). So, if you choose off-site shredding someone will hand sort all your confidential documents. This gives them access to your confidential information.

ShredQuick never touches your confidential documents. Your document containers are emptied into one of our large security containers and then deposited into our truck’s shredder.

3. Are you AAA Certified by NAID?

The National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) acts as an independent auditor checking a shredding company’s compliance in 22 critical areas, including everything from shred size to employee background checks. They award their highest security rating, “AAA Certified,” to only a handful of companies that offer the ultimate in secure document shredding. But buyer beware! Some unscrupulous shredding companies will claim to be AAA NAID Certified when they are not just to get your business. Make sure to ask for a copy of their NAID AAA Certified certificate as proof of their standing.

ShredQuick is the only shredding company in the area that has been AAA NAID Certified since 2002.

4. Do you prescreen employees for criminal activity and also test them for drugs?

There are some people that you just don’t want anywhere near your home, especially if they might have access to your confidential information. Ask for proof that an independent auditor (like NAID) has reviewed the criminal background checks conducted by the shredding company on all their employees that come in contact with confidential information and that these same employees undergo both pre-employment and random drug testing.

ShredQuick performs criminal background checks on all our employees and uses an independent firm to conduct both pre-employment and ongoing random drug tests of every single member of our organization. We also submit to an independent audit of these checks and tests by NAID.

5. Are there any hidden charges?

Some shredding companies will quote you a low, low price and then they’ll slam you with hidden fees like fuel charges, security fees, and pick up fees. Other shredding companies charge by the minute to shred your documents, so you’re actually paying them to go slow. Get an exact quote in writing and always ask if there are any additional charges. That way you can be sure the price they quote is the price you’ll pay.

ShredQuick provides our services for a low fee, with no hidden charges.


If you’re confident that the document shredding company you’re considering is offering both the highest security standards and a competitive price, then it’s time to schedule your shred.

ShredQuick provides clients in Southwest and Central Florida with NAID AAA Certified mobile onsite secure paper shredding, hard drive destruction, computer recycling, and X-ray recycling services. Service areas include Bradenton, Lakeland, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Ft. Myers, Naples, Tampa, Cape Coral, and the surrounding areas.

To get a free quote or to order your shredding service, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

ShredQuick Has Been Awarded The Highest Security Rating, “AAA Certified” By The National Association For Information Destruction


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