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Safety & Sustainability: Two Benefits of Shredding Services in St. Petersburg

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If you’re running a business in St. Petersburg, you’ve probably heard of professional shredding services. You might wonder whether they’re a good fit for your organization. Well, if you’re dealing with private information on a regular basis, the answer is a resounding yes.

A professional shredding service is essential to ensuring the security for your business and clientele. But when you work with an organization like ShredQuick, you get more than that. Our team goes above and beyond to make paper shredding safe and sustainable so we can meet your needs today without jeopardizing the future of the planet. 


Most shredding services will treat your business like any other stop on their daily route. They’ll take your important paperwork and transport it all over town before arriving at their office to shred it. This leaves your confidential information vulnerable to loss, damage, and breach.

Instead, you want a business that gets rid of the middle man and brings our paper shredding service to you (ShredQuick, for example). That’s right, some companies actually destroy your documents on site. You can even watch from a video feed to make sure it’s done right!

You also want to make sure your paper shredding service has its NAID AAA Certification, which means the business meets the secure data destruction standards of the National Association of Information Destruction. This is especially important if you have to comply with HIPAA, FACTA, and other standards. 


Turns out making paper requires more than just chopping down wood. In fact, there is a great deal of labor involved in the paper-making process. Turning a tree into paper takes energy and water. What’s more, the process of manufacturing paper pollutes the air with nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide.

Find a company that’s dedicated to shredding sustainably. At ShredQuick, we do our part by recycling 100% of the documents that we shred. According to our calculations, with every ton of paper recycled, we save 7,000 gallons of water; 4,100 kilowatts of electricity; 17 trees; 3.3 cubic yards of landfill; and 2 gallons of oil. We also prevent 60 pounds of air pollutants.

When you hire ShredQuick for your shredding needs, you eliminate the risks that unsustainable paper shredding methods pose to the environment and, consequently, to your own health. 

If you’re a St. Petersburg business, call us today. We’ll guide you through our on-site process and help you protect your data and your planet all at once.

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