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Sarasota Stats: 10 Facts About Shredding that Every Business Owner Should Know

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Today, everyone seems to be watching their back online. Information reaches us everywhere, but most businesses still handle hard copies. Throwing a document away is not the same as deleting it, and the dangers of insecure information are more serious than ever. 

Here are ten facts you need to know if you handle physical copies of documents: 

1. Your Paper Shredder Could Increase Security Risks

Traditional office shredders cut documents into strips that can be reassembled. Businesses could be leading criminals directly to their sensitive information through incomplete document destruction.

2. Criminals May Be Looking for Your Pay Stubs

It may not seem like much information can be gained through these common documents, but your full name, contact information, and pay data must be protected. 

3. Businesses Are Responsible for Disposing of Resumes and Hiring Documents

Resumes and hiring documents can stack up when a business is growing. However, even people you don’t end up hiring expect you to protect the personal information they provided you. 

4. Businesses Must Protect Customers’ Personally Identifiable Information 

Liability losses can kill a business. Customers are legally protected by state and federal information privacy laws regarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

5. NAID AAA Certified Companies Help Protect Your Business

When you get a National Association for Information Destruction “AAA” certified company to shred your documents, you are guaranteed that they are destroyed in accordance with state and federal information privacy laws.

6. You Can Schedule Routine Paper Shredding

While many homeowners enjoy bulk shredding services, many businesses prefer scheduled document maintenance.  

7. Destruction Goes Beyond Shredding

The result of professional shredding goes far beyond the strips of paper traditional paper shredders produce. Documents are cut both horizontally and vertically. A certification of destruction is often awarded to the business owner for peace of mind.

8. Shredding Can Give You More Space

If business owners appreciate one thing about the digital age, it may be the ability to save space. Sitting on paper documents can clutter up a workspace in no time. 

9. Shredding Can Help Your Reputation

Customers and employees recognize when a business cares about them. Protecting their information is a great start.

10. Shredding Boosts Productivity

When employees know where and how sensitive material needs to be disposed of, the process takes no time at all. Utilizing collection bins from a professional shredding service means you have a system that is easy to implement, enforce and follow.

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