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Secure Shredding in Sarasota: What It Takes to Protect Your Company’s Data

A stack of paper documents. The top sheet includes finger prints. This image represents protecting company data.

Companies handle all kinds of sensitive data, including private information on both employees and customers. A data breach can ruin a company’s reputation, and there can also be direct legal ramifications. One of the most important parts of data security is having proper document disposal in place.

Taking Care of Paper Records

Even though many businesses are switching to digital records whenever possible, paper records are still an essential part of how companies handle and safeguard their critical information. When papers aren’t handled carefully, it can quickly lead to a data breach. These kinds of breaches can destroy your brand’s reputation and cost you thousands of dollars.

Professional shredding is the best way to handle the destruction of important documents. For the best results, your business should sign up for a route shredding service. With a regular service, a professional shredding company will collect your papers and shred them onsite. This can keep papers from building up and getting lost in the shuffle.

Ensuring Proper Hard Drive Disposal

Almost every business will have sensitive data on their hard drives. You might have more than you realize, especially when you think about auto-filled passwords, security certificates, and tax records.

While you can delete the files from a hard drive, they might still be recoverable if someone can gain physical access to the drive. You can’t just throw them in the trash. You need professional hard drive destruction. This process wipes the drive with powerful magnets, then physically shreds it to pieces for good measure.

Maintaining Chain of Custody and Documentation

Choosing to commit to proper data safety is one thing, but carrying it out is another. You need to find a certified shredding company that can provide you with the proper documentation for all of your document and hard drive destruction.

Reliable shredding companies have extensive measures in place to maintain the chain of custody. This can keep your documents safe as they’re being destroyed. You’ll also receive a certificate of destruction for your records.

The shredder will come to your site and provide the proper identification. A good shredding company will even offer a live video feed of your documents being destroyed so you can know for an absolute fact that they are gone.

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