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Should Orlando Businesses Really Worry About “Dumpster Thieves”?

A cartoon trash bin full of various items. This image represents Dumpster Thieves.

Dumpster divers are a common sight around Central Florida, especially Orlando. While many aspects of this activity can result in criminal penalties—such as trespassing, littering, and disorderly conflict—digging through trash isn’t technically illegal. Shocking, right?

Nevertheless, dumpster diving is something you need to worry about or at least consider if you’re an Orlando business. What measures should you take? What can you do to make sure you, your employees, and your customers aren’t at risk? Read on to find out.

News Flash

Though there is the odd case of someone arrested for trying to cash checks they found in the trash, you won’t find much if you research dumpster thieves stealing private documents around Orlando. 

Dumpster diving usually happens at nighttime. These people, armed with a flashlight, work as fast and efficiently as possible. Because of that, most divers aren’t likely to take the time to scan through paperwork to see what is or isn’t worth taking. They’re more likely to want some dented cans of foodstuffs or office supplies sticky with muddled trash goo.

In fact, most stories in Florida news on the subject follow people who have accidentally come across secure documents and reported them immediately. (Thank you, Good Samaritans of Florida!) So, in general, you don’t need to worry too much about “dumpster thieves.” However, you should be concerned about how your business handles waste disposal.

How You Can Waste Wiser

You may believe that your business doesn’t need the security of most higher-stakes offices and corporations. But you care about your customers, and because of that, you should care for their private information. And this also goes for employees who could be at risk if the information on their 1-9 or W-2 forms fell into the wrong hands. 

You can shred the documents yourself, but paper shreds can only be recycled in large quantities. That’s why it’s so helpful to rely on a professional shredding service like ShredQuick.

ShredQuick can bring a truck to your business and shred all of those vital forms and documents right then and there. There’s no way we’ll lose records before shredding them, as our truck will dispose of them onsite while you watch. We have AAA Certification from the National Association for Information Destruction. This gives us a level of security that’s excellent for any organization.

So contact ShredQuick today for your Orlando business, and we’ll give you one less thing to worry about. 

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