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Shred-All vs. Selective Shredding for Tampa Businesses

Tampa Florida City SkylineThese days, data protection is close to the heart of every successful business in Tampa. Thus, part of effective data protection involves disposing of it. Consider old documentation with confidential information. Mostly, the government mandates that such data be destroyed after a certain date.

Yet, not all documents have such necessary information. Often, it’s left to a manager’s discretion as to whether or not to keep. Actually, this situation raises the question of what kind of shredding policy you should have.

Maybe, it’s one that only gets rid of a certain amount of its documentation. Alternately, another destroys all of it. Truthfully, both policies have their advantages and drawbacks. Therefore, deciding depends on factors that are specific to different businesses.

Selective Shredding

How does selective shredding work? First, management decides what documents need to be destroyed after they expire. Then, the manager shares the policy with the employees. They’re responsible for business data maintenance.

In fact, selective shredding is useful in saving money. This is especially the case if a business pays for shredding by weight. However, it also requires time to explain the policy to employees. In reality, they must pay close attention to specific document details.

In doing so, it will ensure they follow procedures correctly. Though, some things could lead to mistakes. This includes destroying documents not intended to be shredded. Also possible, is the unintended sharing of details from expired documents. 

Shred All Documents

Of course, a shred-all policy requires all documents be destroyed once expired. This policy eliminates the need for training. Also, it’s easy to carry out and maintain. However, a shred-all policy could cost a business more in shredding expenses. Accordingly, the difference is higher for those companies that pay by weight. 

Deciding on A Shredding Policy

Companies in Tampa should select a policy that balances all relevant factors. This includes security, simplicity, and their budget. Usually, the shred-all policy is best for companies with lots of sensitive documentation. Hence, it requires that every document and file is destroyed on time.

Truthfully, it helps businesses remain in compliance with all regulations. Plus, it prevents confidential data exposure. Conversely, smaller Tampa businesses may opt for selective shredding. That’s because the fewer employees they have, the less training they must do.

Also, offices with budget challenges may find it easier to afford selective shredding. In reality, every company must make decisions about their shredding policy. Thus, they need one that suits their business and fits their budget. Also, they should choose one that helps with regulation compliance.

Helping Your Company Decide

ShredQuick has handled millions of documents in the Tampa area. They service businesses that have each policy. Truthfully, our experts can help you decide which policy is best for you. Contact us for more information on our services and pricing.

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