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Data and document destruction is more complex than running something through a shredding machine. In fact, some items can be destroyed with simple document shredding.

Yet, other things like hard drives are treated differently. That’s due to the amount of confidential information that they carry.

In reality, destroying hard drives properly is important. Therefore, there are federal regulations in place. These rules ensure businesses are disposing of their old hard drives correctly.

The IRS has specific guidelines in place including certain data destruction approaches. They regard the handling of old hard drives.

Hard Drive Overwrite                            

There’s an option the IRS allows for businesses. It’s to perform overwriting hard drives using certain software. In fact, there are many different kinds of hard-drive overwriting software on the market.

Thus, thoroughly research each one. This will ensure the software selected is federally approved. Also, it verifies that it will fully overwrite your hard drive.

Let’s say you choose this option. Consequently, it is important to note something. It’s that one overwrite isn’t enough to bury all of the data on your hard drive.

In fact, multiple overwrites are necessary. In reality, this makes overwriting a hard drive a very time-consuming approach.

Hard Drive Degaussing

Degaussing is the process of removing the magnetic field (data) stored on a hard drive. Thus, it’s important to properly eliminate it. Actually, the instructions provided by degaussers must be followed exactly.

Plus, only certain degaussers are approved. The NSA has a published list of acceptable degaussers. Therefore, check to see if the one you are purchasing can erase your particular hard drive model.

Physical Destruction

There is one great way to ensure that your hard drive’s data remains safe. It is by physically destroying the hard drive after overwriting or degaussing it.

Truthfully, physical destruction involves crushing and shredding the hard drive. In fact, specific equipment must be used.

Perhaps, you do not plan on reusing your hard drive (this is usually the case when someone overwrites their hard drive). In that case, physical destruction is the safest option.

However, this equipment is rather expensive. Consequently, many businesses outsource the physical destruction of their hard drives.

This is done by hiring mobile document shredding companies. Thus, consider the Florida document shredding company, Shred Quick.

Follow Federal Regulations

Shredding companies are well-versed in the federal regulations regarding hard drive destruction. Additionally, they ensure confidentiality. Also, they provide proof that you have disposed of your hard drive properly.