Shredding Services in Bradenton FL

If your organization is in need of shredding services in Bradenton, Florida, or if you’re a resident of Bradenton who needs to destroy outdated confidential documents, ShredQuick can help you. 

ShredQuick is a AAA NAID-Certified, onsite information security company. We have been shredding the confidential documents of medical facilities, financial institutions, and businesses of all sizes in Bradenton since 2002. 

Read below to better understand our shredding services and process.

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Our Bradenton Shredding Services

ShredQuick offers full mobile shredding services in Bradenton, including:

Business Shredding Services

ShredQuick offers one-time, bulk shredding as well as ongoing, scheduled shredding for businesses. Our document shredding process is tested and certified.

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Residential Shredding Services

If you have documents that you need to shred, we’ll come to your residence or storage facility. We’ll shred everything on-site in our mobile shredding truck. This allows you to view the shredding of your items. 

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Document Shredding Services

Businesses and residents accumulate many documents that contain sensitive information. Often, these documents aren’t destroyed in a way that ensures information security. Our mobile shredder equipment features advanced machinery that reduces the output to tiny pieces. These pieces are thoroughly mixed with other shredded paper in the truck, making it logistically impossible to reassemble a document.

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Hard Drive Destruction Services

ShredQuick shreds more than just paper. We are an information security company that protects your confidential information by shredding all forms of media including hard drives, DVD/CDs, USB drives, tapes, cell phones, and old floppy disks. 

While some companies just bend or poke a hole in your media, we shred your media into little pieces. Bending and making a hole in your media disables the media, but your data may still be intact.

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Computer Recycling 

We offer thorough, environmentally-safe recycling of electronic equipment such as laptops and desktop computers.

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X-ray Recycling 

Our ‘Weight ‘N Pay’ x-ray recycling program is a convenient, safe way for medical facilities to destroy their old x-rays. 

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Onsite Document & Media Shredding Tailored To Your Needs

ShredQuick offers two types of onsite shredding for businesses and residents: 

One-Time Shredding Service: We call our one-time shredding service “bulk shredding” or a “purge”. This service is perfect for Bradenton, FL, businesses that want to clean out their file rooms or storerooms with a one-time shredding project. This is also ideal for residents who want to shred outdated confidential files such as tax returns and bank statements.

Recurring Shredding Service: Regular, scheduled shredding is an ongoing service that we provide to Bradenton-area businesses, from hospitals to home-based businesses. 

First, ShredQuick will drop off all the locking security containers that your company needs. Employees can then simply deposit confidential business documents into one of the security containers. We schedule your recurring shred in the frequency that makes the most sense for your business. We shred everything on-site at your location.

Trusted in the Bradenton Community For Secure Destruction Services

We’ve provided secure destruction services for many of Bradenton’s growing businesses. That’s because our commitment to security and convenience is ingrained in our shredding process.

From our locking security containers that offer protection for recurring shredding services, to our truck-mounted shred-viewing camera, you’ll know your documents are secure all the way through to destruction.

Bradenton Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our Bradenton customers have to say:

“I recently had to do a major downsize and was so overwhelmed with all the items I had to shred. ShredQuick on Lena Road, Bradenton is the bomb! The folks there are absolutely amazing. They helped me calm down and do exactly what I wanted to do! I wanted to take care of all of the items and make sure nothing got in the wrong containers. I got such a run around with other shredding companies, this however was a god send. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this group of great folks! Thank you so very much!” – Susan Roeder

“Always pleased with our service from ShredQuick. Victor is very efficient and friendly!” – InFocus Family Eyecare

“We love Victor and ShredQuick! Thanks for providing us with exceptional service!” – Hornback Chiropractic and Wellness

Ensure You Hire a Reputable Shredding Company

The security and peace of mind of our customers is of the utmost importance to us. That’s one reason why we’ve structured our destruction services so you’re able to view your documents being shredded, as opposed to having to assume that they were. 

To ensure a level of service that meets the highest standards, we remain active in the secure destruction industry and stay up-to-date on industry standards and best practices. In fact, ShredQuick has been awarded the highest security rating, “AAA Certified” by the International Secure Information Governance & Management Association. 

We’d love to speak with you regarding your shredding services requirement. Just call ShredQuick at 866-934-3300 or complete the form on this page to get a fast, no-hassle price quote for your Bradenton business or residence.


Frequently Asked Questions From Bradenton Customers

What is the NAID AAA Certification?

This certification is awarded to secure data destruction companies whose services are in compliance with all known data protection laws. To ensure accuracy, i-SIGMA conducts both scheduled and surprise audits by trained, accredited security professionals, fulfilling customers’ regulatory due diligence obligations. Click here to learn more about this certification.

My business is closing. What types of documents should I shred versus retain?

We often come across businesses that are closing and need to better understand what they need to retain. Documents that need to be retained in this instance include:

  • Employee records: You should keep unemployment compensation claims for three years after the date of filing, although there is no specific Florida law regarding records retention and employment personnel files. You should also keep files on hours worked and payroll information for all current and past employees for seven years. If you have terminated a worker because of improper behavior, consider keeping their file indefinitely in case they file a lawsuit against you or your business.
  • Financial records: You must keep most financial records permanently. These include copies of tax returns (federal, state, and local) and any supporting documents, canceled checks, bank statements and transaction records, accounting journals, general ledgers, tax records, contracts, financial statements, and insurance policies. 
  • Tax documents: The IRS maintains a ‘three-year rule’ for retaining company tax documents. You should be aware, though, that there are exceptions to the three-year rule. For example, if you have an underpayment of more than 25%, the IRS can come after you for up to six years.

Other exceptions include certain types of tax deductions and credits. For example, if you claim a deduction or credit for the general business credit, you need to keep your records. 

The same applies if you take an energy credit or deduction. In these cases, it’s best to keep your records for at least six years.

Most documents outside of the above can be shredded. You’ll want to enlist the help of a professional shredding company, such as ShredQuick, to be sure.

Do you provide drop off services in Bradenton, FL?

To schedule an appointment to drop off your shredding between 9:00am and 11:00am, please call our Bradenton office at 941-755-2600.

Our address is 4908 Lena Rd, Bradenton, FL 34211. We’re just off SR 70 near I-75.

Drop off Pricing: CREDIT CARD ONLY – Visa, MC or Amex

  • $35 minimum fee for 1st box (10” x 12” x 16”) or 32-gallon bag
  • $10 per Hard Drive Drop Off for Shred
  • $10 per Computer Drop Off for Recycling

Please place items in your trunk and our staff will remove them.

Do you offer your services in areas surrounding Bradenton, FL?

Yes, our services are offered throughout Southwest and Central Florida, including areas surrounding Bradenton. Here’s a list of our service areas.

ShredQuick is NAID AAA Certified

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