Shredding Services in Orlando FL

On-Site Paper Shredding for Orlando-Area Businesses and Residents That Has Earned the Highest Security Rating, “AAA NAID Certified”

If you’re the person responsible for keeping your business information confidential or you’re an Orlando-area resident that needs to shred out-dated personal documents, ShredQuick can help you.

Every year since 2002 ShredQuick has earned the highest security rating, “AAA NAID Certified” by the International Secure Information Governance & Management Association. That’s why some of Orlando’s largest and most respected medical facilities, financial institutions, and other businesses choose ShredQuick.

Just call ShredQuick at 866-934-3300 or complete the form on this page to get an instant price quote for your Orlando-area business or home.

Read below to learn more about our shredding services offered in Orlando, FL.

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Shredding Services Offered in Orlando, FL

Business Shredding Services

ShredQuick offers businesses two mobile shredding options for information management. These options are one-time, bulk shredding as well as ongoing, scheduled shredding. 

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Residential Shredding Services

If you have documents that you need to shred, we’ll come to your residence or storage facility. We’ll shred everything on-site in our mobile shredding truck. This allows you to view the shredding of your items. 

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Document Shredding Services

We understand the importance of protecting your information. From medical records to employment records, we ensure the highest standards for our document shredding services. 

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Hard Drive Destruction Services

We don’t just shred hard drives, we first degauss (erase) all data, then shred them. This is the same process used but the NSA and The Defense Department.  

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Computer Recycling

Recycling old laptops and desktops is a necessary step in reducing e-waste in our communities. We offer thorough, environmentally-safe recycling of computers.

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X-ray Recycling

X-rays should not be discarded in regular trash. It’s bad for the environment and allows scammers to obtain sensitive information off of them. That’s why it’s so important to first shred unneeded x-rays and then recycle them. 

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Onsite Mobile Shredding Customized To Your Needs

ShredQuick shreds all your confidential documents onsite at your Orlando location.

Our services are offered in two frequencies: one-time, bulk shredding and recurring, scheduled shredding.

Recurring shredding is offered to businesses. With this option, your business is provided one or more security containers. Employees place documents in these in-between shred days. This ensures all confidential information is kept secure until it is able to be destroyed.

On the day of your shred, you can expect a ShredQuick uniformed staff member to arrive at your home or office with photo identification.

If you’ve chosen our route-shredding service, our driver will pick up all the confidential documents that your employees have discarded into the locked containers strategically placed throughout your facility.

If this is a one-time, bulk shred, our driver will pick up all your boxes of confidential documents.

Our driver will then empty all of your security containers or boxes into one or more of our large containers and bring them directly to our shredding truck. The hydraulic lift on the truck then raises the container and empties everything into the shredder, where your confidential documents are securely destroyed.

After the shredding is complete, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction. We’ll then recycle all applicable materials.

Why Choose ShredQuick as Your Shredding Company?

Orlando is known for its many attractions. These include Universal Orlando Resort, Magic Kingdom Park, and Epcot. Other types of businesses such as restaurants, law firms, and medical facilities are also thriving in Orlando. These attractions and businesses generate a lot of confidential paper and media waste that needs to be kept confidential.

We are proud to serve businesses and residents in this thriving community. ShredQuick has been operating in the Orlando, FL, area for nearly 20 years. We deal with sensitive information on a daily basis and know the importance of keeping customer information safe and secure. ShredQuick is the only shredding company in the area to be AAA NAID Certified since 2002.

We handle the destruction requirements of every type of customer with local, friendly, and responsive service. We service residential clients, home-office users, small businesses, not-for-profit, healthcare, local and international corporations, as well as government agencies with our onsite shredding and document destruction services.

How To Schedule Your Shredding Services

To schedule shredding services for your business or home, just call ShredQuick at (866) 934-3300 or complete the form on this page to get a fast, no-hassle, free quote. 


Frequently Asked Questions From Orlando Customers

Why should I shred my documents on a regular basis?

We highly recommend that you shred all of your personal and business documents with a professional shredding company. This is because of three key things:

  1. Keeps your documents from falling into the wrong hands: The longer your documents remain in your company’s storeroom or in your home, the more you increase the risk that your confidential information will fall into the wrong hands.
  2. Frees up space in your office or home: Small business owners and homeowners almost never have enough space. Why take up all that additional space you could be using for something else?
  3. Helps protect you in the event of litigation or audit: If you’re an Orlando-area business you need to destroy stored records on a regularly scheduled basis. If an organization like yours exhibits irregular information disposal practices and you are subsequently involved in litigation or an audit, the practice of “selective shredding” may cost thousands of dollars in fees and penalties.

Do you offer your services in other Florida locations?

Yes, our services are offered throughout Southwest and Central Florida. Here’s a list of our service areas.

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