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ShredQuick is an information destruction company that offers shredding services that keep the information of Tampa, FL, businesses and residents secure and confidential. 

Our on-site document shredding services are AAA NAID Certified, which is the highest level awarded by the International Secure Information Governance & Management Association (i-SIGMA).   

Read below to better understand our shredding services and process.

You can call us at (866) 934-3300 or complete the form on this page to get a fast, no-hassle price quote for your business or residence.

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Full Shredding Services Offered in the Tampa, FL, Area

Our full line of secure destruction services is available in Tampa. Below is a list of these services. Click on the heading to learn more about each service. 

Business Shredding Services

Our certified shredding services are available to businesses in both one-time, bulk occurrences as well as a scheduled, recurring program. Read the next section to learn more about these two options. 

Residential Shredding Services

If you’re a resident of the Tampa area and have documents or media at your home or storage locker that you need shredded, we’ll come to you. 

Document Shredding Services

Our professional document shredding services guarantee confidentiality of sensitive information of your customers, employees, and family. This service also keeps your business compliant.

Hard Drive Destruction Services

ShredQuick is the only information security company that destroys every hard drive to the standards required by the NSA and The Defense Department. We also do other forms of media shredding including DVD/CDs, USB drives, tapes, cell phones, and old floppy disks.

Computer Recycling

We offer computer recycling and laptop recycling. Our process ensures your information is kept secure, while also being environmentally friendly. 

X-ray Recycling

We recycle medical x-rays to ensure your information is kept confidential. We offer this service through our convenient, cost effective ‘Weight ‘N Pay’ x-ray recycling program.

Shredding Services Structured To Fit Your Needs

We offer our services in two convenient options to choose from based on your needs. 

  • One-Time Shredding: Our one-time shredding service (which we refer to as “bulk shredding” or a “purge”) is a great option for Tampa businesses that need to clean out their storerooms. It’s also perfect for Tampa homeowners who want to shred old bank statements, tax records, and other confidential files.
  • Recurring Shredding: Our recurring shredding is an ongoing service we offer for businesses. Your employees simply deposit confidential company documents into one of the security containers that we provide. We then schedule shred days weekly, monthly or quarterly, according to your needs.

How Do Our Mobile Shredding Services Work?

ShredQuick shreds all your confidential documents on-site at your Tampa location.

Here’s how our document shredding process works:

Step #1: Call ShredQuick for an instant price quote. If you’re a one-time shredding, we’ll ask that you measure the size of your boxes. Then let us know how many boxes of documents you have, so that we can give you an accurate quote.

Step #2: For recurring shredding customers, we first deliver the number of locking security containers your office requires. For one-time shredding customers we will simply schedule your bulk shredding project on a day and time that is convenient for you.

Step #3: On your scheduled shred day one of our uniformed drivers will arrive at your location wearing their ID badge, so you know they’re one of our certified ShredQuick team members. Our driver will empty the contents of your boxes (for one-time customers) or the contents of your security container (for scheduled service customers) into a larger container and bring it to our shredding truck.

Step #4: The hydraulic lift on our truck then raises the large container and empties it into the shredder, where all your documents are shredded into small, unreadable pieces. If you want to ensure that we shred all your documents, we allow you to view the shredding process on our truck-mounted camera.

Step #5: Our driver will then give you a Certificate of Destruction for your chain of custody of your shred and all shredded paper is recycled.

Protect Your Information, Hire a Reputable Shredding Company

If you’re a Tampa, FL, business or resident and require shredding services, consider ShredQuick. 

At ShredQuick, the security and peace of mind of our customers is of the utmost importance to us. To ensure a level of service that meets the highest standards, we remain active in the secure destruction industry and stay up-to-date on industry standards and best practices.

In fact, The International Secure Information Governance & Management Association has awarded ShredQuick the highest security rating, “AAA Certified”. Click here to better understand why you should hire a shredding company with this rating.

We’d love to speak with you regarding your shredding requirement. Just call ShredQuick at (813) 910-3300 or (866) 934-3300 or fill out the form on this page to get a fast, no-hassle, free quote for your Tampa-area business or home.

Tampa Client Testimonials

Client satisfaction is at the top of our list. Here’s what our Tampa clients are saying:

“Very professional and timely company. I use them in several of my offices because they have proven to be the best document shredding company I have found in the Tampa Bay area. They will come to your business and securely shred your documents while you watch — highly recommended!” – Dean Handley

“Shredquick offers secure onsite reliable document shredding services, and the staff is friendly. I highly recommend their services!” – Scott Carvin, Tampa SEO


Frequently Asked Questions By Our Tampa Customers

What should I do to be best prepared for my business’s shred day?

If you’re looking to enlist professional shredding services but want to make sure you’re ready to schedule, there are a couple steps you can take.

First, make sure you know your company’s data retention policy. This should provide you with information including what types of information is kept, where it’s kept, and how long it’s required to be kept. 

If your company doesn’t have an official data retention policy, being in the process of hiring a shredding company is a good time to start to form such a policy.

Once you understand which data is going to be shredded and the volume of data that needs to be shredded, you should next assess if you’d like a shredding company to do a large, one-time shred for you or if you’ll need to schedule multiple shred days. 

How does your Weight-N-Pay x-ray recycling program work?

Our x-ray recycling is HIPAA / HITECH Certified (link). In order to make this a straightforward process for our customers, we created the Weight-N-Pay program. 

We weigh your x-rays at pick up, so you can see for yourself the weight. ShredQuick pays your rebate check when we pick up your x-rays, so you don’t have to wait for your money. Our rebate checks are, on average, 20% higher than typical x-ray recycler’s. Shred X-ray Jackets

We also shred your x-ray jackets because they contain confidential patient information covered by HIPAA / HITECH.

What other types of media devices should I be shredding besides hard drives?

While hard drive destruction is often the most obvious form of media destruction, businesses and residents should consider that there are other media devices that may require shredding in order to maintain privacy. These include:

  • Mobile devices: Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are used to store and transmit potentially sensitive personal and business data. Therefore, they should be properly handled by a shredding service that will ensure your devices or files don’t end up being exposed to the wrong people.
  • Gaming consoles: A modern gaming console is similar to a computer, with data storage, processing capability, and internet connection. 
  • They may have login information stored on it, you may have used it to transmit credit or debit card information to download games or purchase in-game content. A shredding service will help you dispose of these items properly and destroy any data storage devices. 
  • External hardware and peripheral devices: Data storage devices, printers, and other peripheral devices that contain data, including IP addresses or passwords should be degaussed and shredded.
  • Digital media devices: digital media devices include hardware that is used to record, play, or modify audio or visual information. In many instances, this data is copyright protected. These devices, along with any physical media, should be given to a shredding service for destruction.

Do you serve areas surrounding Tampa, FL?

Yes, we offer our shredding services in all of Southwest and Central Florida. Click here to view all of our service areas.

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