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ShredQuick, Document Shredding, Lakewood Ranch, FL

Businesses depend on having a good reputation. Has your business’s ability to safeguard client information ever come into question?

If so, there are in a number of problematic situations possible. Therefore, you must do some investigating. After all, you need to keep client information safe and private.

In doing so, your business gains a positive effect. Also, it will protect you from expensive data hacks.

Additionally, it will keep you safe from illegal information extraction. Consider ShredQuick’s Florida document shredding facility.

We take your business’s reputation seriously. We manage all your company’s sensitive materials.

Thus, you can feel confident that you’ve protected your clients. Plus, it will safeguard your business and your reputation.

Here are the steps we take. They ensure you never have to deal with a security threat.

We Pick Up and Safely Transport All Materials

Our shredding process starts with you. Let’s say you decide you want to pursue document shredding.

In that case, choose our mobile shredding service. We come to your location. We’ll import all materials into a confidential container.

Then, we transport it to our mobile document shredding facility. Once there, we empty all materials into our shredding machine. This includes hard drives.

Documents are Safely Shredded and Rendered Unreadable

Why choose our document destruction service? We shred everything into small, untranslatable pieces.

Our large machines allow us to render your documents unreadable. We do it quickly and efficiently. It’s done without any time lags. Each piece of information is shredded.

Therefore, you can rest easy. That’s because you’ll know your company’s sensitive information won’t be accessed by hackers or dumpster divers.

Cameras Allow You to View the Process

Each machine has a truck-mounted camera. This, in turn, allows you to view the shredding process for security.

Perhaps, you see something wrong. In that case, you can tell us about it immediately. Then, we will fix the situation.

A Certificate of Destruction is Obtained

After everything has been shredded, our driver will hand you a Certificate of Destruction. This verifies that you have destroyed all your materials.

Also, this certificate serves as evidence. It’s proof that you’ve responsibly destroyed all sensitive information.

Additionally, it demonstrates that you’re in compliance with workplace standards. Also, it shows you are following medical and federal safety protection initiatives. These include HIPAA and FACTA.

All Shredded Pieces are Recycled

Let’s say the shredding process is complete. Now, we’re able to safely recycle your scraps. This alleviates any risk of a data breach by dumpster divers.

You can confidently return to work. Your company’s data has been completely protected. You’ve used a safe, cost-effective method of document destruction.