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On-site Shredding Sarasota

Our company specializes in on-site shredding, ensuring the much-desired security and confidentiality of your documents. We have developed a reputation for exceptional service, having a team of highly-trained specialists and the latest technology available. From private households to large industrial organizations, we have catered to a wide range of clients and obtained only positive reviews.

What does the on-site shredding process entail?

Upon mentioning your location in Sarasota, our team will arrive at your premises. The mobile shredding vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art technology so that the service offered is both fast and efficient. We will pick up the confidential documents in secure containers, transporting them to the vehicle for shredding.

Given the fact that we are using modern technology, you can expect a shredding process that is entirely well-organized. Depending on your preferences, you can observe the shredding process and see that it is complete. When the job is finished, we will provide a certificate of destruction. This can be shown to customers but also kept for audit purposes.

The shredded material will be taken to a recycling center, as we believe in environmentally-friendly services. Low-grade paper products are generally made from shredded documents, which we believe is a great alternative to creating more waste in landfills.

Reasons to choose us

We value the importance of secure data destruction and service each client with seriousness and promptitude. It is our mission to ensure the confidentiality of your papers, even when providing an on-site shredding service to various locations in Sarasota. If desired, we can establish regularly scheduled destruction services. Last, but not least, our work complies with the latest data privacy laws. Our methods are approved, and we always follow the legal guidelines for all of our projects.