There are going to be difficulties in managing any kind of documents. However, when it comes to legal documents, the stakes are much higher.

If you lose a memo, you can simply go back to the source and get a new one. Conversely, if you lose the original copy of a contract, the consequences could be disastrous.

Of course, there are plenty of solutions to issues related to storing legal documents. Finding the right software solutions and a reliable mobile document shredding service are a good start.

Here are just a few common issues and how to solve them.


You probably have several years’ worth of business records in hard copy format. Additionally, you will most likely have to store older records off-site at some point.

However, you may find that you need to refer back to legal documents. You may need them in order to clarify the terms of a contract, for example.

The easy solution here is to digitize legal documents before they go into storage. This way the content can be accessed as needed. Plus, you won’t have to send a courier to fetch them.


It is extremely important to preserve legal documents for your business. That is because you may one day need them for something important. They may be required as evidence in the event of a legal dispute, for example.

Security requires that you keep these documents under lock and key, so to speak. However, you also need to have backups in place in case of theft, damage, or loss.

You could store legal documents on-site for security purposes. Additionally, you can find a storage facility that offers on-site surveillance, monitoring, guards, and so on. You could also ask your attorney to hang onto originals of legal documents for you.

Backups, such as notarized copies and digital versions of legal documents, are also wise. However, that is only the case as long as they are equally secure.

Don’t forget, you’ll also want to engage in proper document shredding and file purging. You want to destroy them, if and when legal documents are no longer needed.

Data Destruction

The best solution when it comes to determining the how and why of destroying data is to create a data destruction policy. It needs to outline the rules.

Many legal records will need to be retained. Yet, at some point, they may become obsolete. This could be the case because the terms of the contract have expired.

Maybe they have been superseded by a subsequent contract. Those are two examples of why legal records should be kept in some way.

At this point, it is admissible to destroy data. Conversely, it may be wise to avoid confusion. This means purging digital files and sending hard copies to your trusty Florida document shredding service for secure document destruction.