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Student Safety in Ft. Myers: 3 Types of Records Educators Need to Shred Securely

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Educators have a ton of responsibilities, from the physical and emotional well-being of their students to the safety of the school. We don’t usually associate school safety with records, but schools have personal information on file for every student that walks in the door. 

Ft. Myers has thousands of students currently enrolled, and each one of them has a paper record. Here are three types of documents educators need to shred securely. 

1. Grades/Transcripts

Student transcripts are very personal and should only be shared when the student decides to do so. Not only do grade reports and transcripts contain grades and scores, but they also contain a complete record of the classes the student took and notes about the student from that class. 

Transcripts tell a story of the student’s educational past. These records are personal and should not be made public.

2. Disciplinary Records

Disciplinary records are some of the most sensitive records a school can keep because they contain behavioral information about the child and may also include sensitive details around the particular disciplinary action. 

Students have a right to keep these records private. If the documents end up in the wrong hands, they could be used against the student and impact their future. These notes and records are often physical, paper documents (rather than electronic), so educators need to make sure these documents are shredded securely.

3. Student Email

Students and educators communicate more by email these days, from homework assignments to advice to questions. There may also be emails between a student, their parents, and the school. There are several reasons you may print these emails on paper一for example, you might do it because of an investigation, as references during emails, or just by accident. It is easy just to throw these print-outs away, thinking that no one will ever go through them. 

But you must shred these records securely. Emails sent between students and educators very personal, but there are also laws around distributing other people’s private conversations. 

Every educator has a responsibility to ensure that their students are safe at school. This includes the proper handling of student documents. Being aware of what student personal information is in documents and how to shred them securely ensures the safety and privacy of all involved parties.

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