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Surprising Ways to Save Money with a Shredding Service in Sarasota

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Paper shredding costs money. Whether a Sarasota business contracts with a professional shredder or gets a shredder from an office supply store, it has to spend some cash.

On the surface, a commercial-grade paper shredder that you operate yourself may seem more economical than a pro service. But there’s more to the total cost than a one-time purchase price. A professional shredder not only does the job more thoroughly and quickly — it can also save you money in the long run. Here’s how. 

No Maintenance or Replacement Costs

A store-bought paper shredder can cost $40 to $400. Some heavy-duty shredders can set you back thousands of dollars. Low-end models can only handle limited numbers of sheets at a time. All models have working lives that are no longer than ten years if you use them infrequently.  And that’s only if users take care of them, which means frequent blade lubrication and occasional servicing.

Using a professional service means that you never have to buy replacement shredders. You don’t pay for oil, replacement blades, additional trash bags, or repairs. And you don’t have to pay for disposal or recycling services to get rid of the shredded leftovers. Professional shredding is ultimately far more cost-effective than using an in-house machine.

No Additional Employee Costs

With a retail device, paper shredding is a long process. You can only feed between 8 and 40 sheets at once, and the shredder takes its sweet time grinding them all. Then employees have to haul the shards to a disposal container. That’s all billable time. It takes your valuable employees away from finishing more important tasks.

Professional shredders have far more capacity. Some can handle 500 sheets in a single execution. Service providers follow procedures to remove the waste quickly and safely. Taking that work out of your employees’ hands means that you will only pay them for what they were hired to do. That’s far more cost-efficient.

Better Use of Office Space

Paper shredders take up floor space. The more heavy-duty that a shredder is, the bigger it must be. You pay for that office space, along with whatever additional storage space you need. Having that space available for more important items or surplus storage can save money.

With a professional shredding company in Sarasota, you don’t need to reserve office space for an in-house unit. You also don’t have to set aside space for large bales of shredded paper.

Cost-Effective Shredding for Sarasota

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