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Tampa Document Archiving in 2022: What You Need to Know

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Document archiving is a critical part of any business or managing personal finances. There are a variety of reasons you may need to pull a document a week or years down the road, so it’s important to stay organized. If you are in the Tampa area, here’s what you need to know for document archiving in 2022.

What to Archive

The most basic part of document archival is knowing what exactly to archive. While everyone’s situation is unique, there are a few categories of documents that experts recommend keeping indefinitely. These include:

  • Insurance documents
  • Loan records
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Retirement plans
  • Military records
  • Wills

These are all documents that you may need for life or the life of a business and should be archived safely.

Where to Archive

Keeping important personal or business documents close to you may seem natural, but experts recommend archiving documents off-site. Most businesses and homes simply are not equipped for safe document archival. 

An off-site facility provides the organization, security, and insurance you need to archive your documents confidently. 

Shred What You Don’t Archive

Archiving documents should be one part of a bigger document management solution. Once you’ve identified documents for archival, you should properly file or dispose of the rest. For documents you don’t need anymore, shredding is the most convenient and secure way to dispose of them.

You Can Go Digital

Document management today can be easier than ever with digital archiving. Instead of keeping all documents in a physical form, you can invest in a digital archival service that makes accessing them easier and faster. Digital document storage also lets you easily search for documents when you are not exactly sure how or where they were filed.

Archiving Security 

Archiving documents is important to ensure you have the documents necessary to support your personal finances, important matters, or business — but making sure they are archived securely is just as important. 

If you have your archived documents stored off-site, ensure that the facility provides physical security. If your documents are being stored digitally, ensure that you have strong passwords and manage who can access them.

For Your Non-Archived Documents, Call ShredQuick

ShredQuick provides residential and commercial shredding services to people and businesses throughout the Tampa area. We provide on-site services to help you get rid of documents in a convenient and secure way. Call us today to get started.


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