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Tampa Small Businesses That Can Benefit from Shredding Services

Long strips of shredded paper. This image represents small business shredding.

For businesses that handle confidential information, paper shredding has been a vital practice for decades. It’s common in medical facilities, legal firms, and most educational institutions. Companies team up with shredding services like ShredQuick to dispose of private business-related and client-related information in a safe and secure fashion.

Small businesses may consider paper shredding unnecessary. However, depending on the type of paperwork you handle, you could get a lot out of seeking professional shredding services. Below are only a few of the small businesses in Tampa that could put paper shredding services to good use.

Certain Retailers

Occasionally, customers buy products with the hope that their purchases be kept private. These could be items from a pharmacy, a smoke shop, or any other retail store where clients may not want their transactions advertised.

For example, maybe you run a medical cannabis dispensary. Medical marijuana is legal in Florida but still significantly stigmatized in many communities. That being the case,  it’s wise— and courteous to your customers—for you to dispose of anything that you don’t need for tax purposes. This “disposal” is best done through an on-site shredding service.

Real Estate Brokers

Working as an independent realtor can be tricky. Whether you work in commercial or consumer real estate, you handle a lot of confidential information in the process of selling a property, such as contracts, lease agreements, data, evaluations, studies, and any notes. This makes you a rather large target for potential fraud and identity theft. 

Your clients trust that you’ll know how to properly handle and/or discard their private information. Make sure they’re protected by hiring a professional shredding service.

Accounting Services

According to the 2020 Trustwave Global Security Report, up to 14% of information breaches were made in the finance industry. There’s been theft of card track data, financial credentials, and other vital information in recent years. As a result, the standards and regulations around holding paperwork have grown increasingly strict.

You know that your accounting business depends on your integrity in more ways than one. You also know that the theft of any account information could be devastating to your client. For that reason, you should prioritize regular professional paper shredding to protect your business and those it serves.

On-Site Shredding in Tampa

ShredQuick offers on-site shredding in the Tampa area. With our services, you get to watch as your business-related and client-related confidential documents are correctly and sufficiently disposed of. 

With on-site paper shredding, there’s no risk of things getting lost in the shuffle nor any fallible human middleman involved. Watch as your paperwork gets put into crates and then put directly into our truck’s shredder.

The next time you want to dispose of personal or company information safely and reliably, do it through ShredQuick. We guarantee security, affordability, and dependability every time.

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