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How to Know You’re Using the Best X-Ray Recycling Service in Clearwater

A doctor sitting at a desk with a laptop placing an X-Ray into a garbage bin sitting on the desk. This image represents X-Ray Recycling.

You should never simply throw your company’s X-ray films in the trash. So what is the best way to properly dispose of X-ray film in the Clearwater area? How do you know your shredding or disposal company does it right? 

HIPAA and Protected Health Information

X-ray film contains protected health information, and there are laws in place that govern how you can destroy medical records. So your company’s X-ray recycling process must follow HIPAA- and HITECH-approved methodologies, as these materials contain confidential health information. The destruction of medical records must be secure, safe, and professional.

Environmental Concerns

Improper disposal of X-ray film can create an environmental hazard. X-ray film contains lead and silver—two hazardous substances that must be disposed of safely and responsibly.

Materials that contain lead, such as X-rays, must be handled correctly during the disposal process. Lead dust, once introduced into the environment, lasts a long time. This dust can get into the air, on surfaces, and into water. 

Silver is also detrimental to the environment. It can damage ecosystems and cause health issues for aquatic life. Disposal of products that contain lead or silver should always take place in an environmentally responsible fashion.

Health Risks

It just makes sense that substances that are hazardous to the environment are also dangerous to human health. Most people are aware of the risks of lead poisoning, especially in children, but silver can be harmful, too.

When lead accumulates in the body, the central nervous system is affected. Lead can cause brain and kidney damage, anemia, and other health issues. In the case of small children, too much lead can even be fatal. Silver, although not as dangerous as lead, is also hazardous to human health. It can contaminate water and cause skin and other health issues.

Materials that contain lead or silver, including X-ray film, should always be disposed of responsibly. It is vital to contact a professional service such as ShredQuick whenever discarding these items.

ShredQuick X-Ray Disposal in Clearwater

ShredQuick is a trusted service in Clearwater, FL. Medical businesses in the area can dispose of X-ray film safely, securely, and professionally. We can also shred your company’s X-ray jackets containing patient information.

ShredQuick makes the entire recycling process quick and easy. First, we will pick up and weigh your X-rays. At that pick-up, we will issue a rebate check, so you don’t have to wait! Call today for more information and a quick, free quote.

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