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The 3 Most Reliable Security Containers to Choose from in St. Petersburg

two keys on the same ring. One of the keys are in a lock as the second hangs down. This image represents security collection containers.

Once you’ve opted to go with ShredQuick to safely and securely handle your St. Petersburg business’s shredding needs, you’ll need to choose your security container. Your company’s security container is the drop point for all your classified documents. No more worrying about loose documents! All you have to do is drop them in the box, and you can rest assured they’ll be safe until we shred them.

There are three options for security containers to choose from, all of which have barrel locks to keep your documents safe. Once your documents go into the molded-in slots, they won’t come out again until it’s time to shred. Below is a quick look at the three security boxes we offer.

The Executive

The smallest of the bunch is this 32 gallons of premium-grade Melamine cabinet. Its rigid laminate won’t succumb to scratches and punctures. With a locking door protected by a barrel lock, this little container (sitting at 20” by 20” and 37”) offers heavy-duty protection. It holds up to 110 pounds of paper, which is the equivalent of about four cases.

The 64-Gallon Security Container

Equipped with ShredQuick’s standard barrel lock and molded-in document slot to keep secure documents locked away, this is the medium-sized option. It stands about 41.75” tall, or just under three and a half feet. It holds up to 225 pounds of paper, or eight whole cases. Since you can’t easily pick this equipment up and move it like its smaller counterpart, the easy push four-wheel system attached to the bottom will help transport your documents to and from the office for document destruction.

The 96-Gallon Security Container

The largest option available is an impressive 96-gallon container that holds a whopping 350 pounds of paper. In case you were wondering, that’s nearly 12 cases of paper. This heavy-duty container has the standard barrel lock and molded-in document slot and stands 43.5” tall. If you’re dealing with a high volume of paper disposal, this container can stand up to the challenge.

Call ShredQuick

The best security container is the one that best suits your particular business. All of these containers keep your documents equally safe and secure, so it all comes down to how much capacity you need.

If you need help deciding, our experts will walk you through the options, asking questions designed on your business’s paper usage and shredding practices.

You can get all our containers free of charge, so no matter the size or amount you need, we’ve got you covered. Call us today to get started.

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