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The 5 Most Common Types of Identity Theft in Clearwater

A person sitting holding their glasses in one hand and holding their head in their other hand.Identity theft is one of the most damaging and scary experiences that someone can go through. Though the internet can be a fun and useful place to learn new things, connect with others, and even perform work duties, it’s also the primary way for identity thieves to find their next victim.

Did you know that there are multiple ways that your identity can be stolen and used for someone else’s benefit? Let’s take a look at the 5 most common forms of identity theft in Clearwater so that you can be aware of the potential threats out there.

1. Financial

The most common type of identity theft is financial theft, which means the theft of a person’s credit card information to use their bank account funds without their permission. Hackers can glean this information and more by illegally accessing your online shopping or banking records.

2. Criminal

Sometimes, individuals who have received a parking ticket, citation, or another city-mandated fine will use someone else’s identification to assign that fine to them. This process is considered criminal identity theft, and you could end up contesting in court if the fines are left unpaid for long enough.

3. Medical

Medical identity theft is the practice of stealing another person’s identity to receive health insurance coverage or services. Thieves will use stolen information to obtain prescriptions, schedule surgeries, or even purchase medical devices on someone else’s dime, making it harder for victims to receive the care they need in the future.

4. Minor

Many identity thieves will stop at nothing to get the money or goods that they desire, which means that some will, unfortunately, prey upon minors. Minor identity theft means stealing the information of a person under 18 to commit fraud, which could mean opening a bank account or new credit line in the child’s name.

5. Synthetic

Some individuals will create entirely false identities using the information of real people, in a process known as synthetic identity theft. These thieves will combine real data like birthdays, Social Security numbers, and addresses to fraudulently open new lines of credit or apply for loans.

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