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The benefits of regular scheduled shredding in St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg businesses have a lot more to think about than shredding outdated paperwork. Unfortunately, that means it doesn’t always get done regularly. But it’s a necessary step in protecting private and sensitive information — both for your business and your customers or clients.

Maintaining a regular schedule of document pick-up and destruction by hiring a professional paper-shredding company has several benefits.


A more productive office

Chances are nobody in your office looks forward to the task of paper-shredding. Even if they do for some curious reason, it’s not a job that relates to generating more revenue, attracting more customers, or maintaining regular operations — it just takes time out of someone’s already busy schedule. Having an outside contractor handle all your document destruction needs gives you and your employees more time to work on things that matter.

More data privacy

Old documents lying in a recycle bin or trash can are still accessible, even if you’ve shredded them in-house. The information they contain can still be extracted by someone with relatively little work. That can expose your company to risks it can’t afford to take, like fraud, identity theft, or breaches of the privacy of your company and customers. Hiring a professional shredding company for regular service ensures that your data is thoroughly destroyed and irretrievable.

More compliance

Some business sectors are regulated for compliance with document destruction standards. Legislative acts like FACTA, HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX were enacted to protect customer privacy by ensuring that businesses effectively destroy all their confidential information. Many of these laws stipulate that companies get written verification that their data has been destroyed. Only a professional paper shredding service can provide that required certification.

More eco-friendly

Professional shredding companies dispose of customers’ documentation in ways that reduce their carbon footprint and are better for the environment, like recycling or repurposing. They know and constantly use disposal and recycling processes that are most effective and better for the earth.

Better peace of mind

Professional shredding services get the job done. When you set up regularly scheduled shredding, you’re assured your paperwork is destroyed and its information can never be accessed. You’ll have much less to worry about.


Dependable and total paper shredding services

ShredQuick helps businesses in St. Petersburg maintain a regular schedule of paper shredding and document destruction, getting it done the right way the first time and every time. Call us to start a paper-shredding routine of your own.

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