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The average business accumulates all kinds of legal documents.  These include contracts with business partners and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) signed by employees.

Also, they encompass deeds to offices and warehouse locations.  Plus, they involve written bylaws required for corporations. 

Of course, it’s important to keep original copies of any signed (and other) legal documents.  However, you need a backup to ensure that you never lose this crucial data. 

In other words, you need a digital copy.  That means partnering with a document destruction service.  They will scan your legal documents for you. 

What benefits will you gain by doing this? 


Generally speaking, redundancy is not a good thing for businesses.  If you have redundant workers, for example, you’re increasing your overhead unnecessarily. 

That said, there are certain documents you’ll want to make sure to back up.  This includes contracts and other legal documents.  After all, these you can’t afford to lose. 

What’s the best way to accomplish this goal?  It’s to find a document shredding partner that offers scanning services. 

Truthfully, there is no substitute for original copies of signed documents.  Thus, it’s becoming more acceptable to use digital copies of originals. 

Additionally, even documents with an electronic signature, as proof of intent and agreement, are becoming the norm.  In some cases, such documents are permissible in court settings as evidence. 

Maybe, you suffer a loss of original legal documents for some reason.  Thus, you’ll be glad you have digital redundancies in place. 

Reduce the Risk of Loss

Most documents can eventually be handed over to your Florida document shredding service for destruction.  Yet, this is not true for legal documents. 

In fact, these you’ll want to keep in perpetuity.  How can this be accomplished? Your mobile document shredding service scans your legal documents to create digital copies. 

Therefore, you can make needed backups ensuring you never lose legal documents.  Paper copies are vulnerable to theft and natural disasters like flooding or fire. 

Additionally, computers and servers that store digital copies are susceptible to such hazards.  Hence, you can always keep digital copies of essential documents secure.

This is done by utilizing off-site storage, or in the cloud, in case of disaster recovery scenarios. 

Reduce Physical Storage Needs

Naturally, preserving legal documents is crucial to your business.  Consequently, you might think of an obvious solution.  It’s to reduce risk is to save hard copies at another location. 

However, this has the potential to increase the risk of theft if your off-site storage isn’t adequately secured.  Plus, it increases your costs for storage facilities, security, and so on. 

Scan your legal documents for the purposes of digital backup.  In doing so, it allows greater control over security. 

Also, it ensures you’ll always have a recovery option.  This is crucial in case of catastrophic events resulting in the destruction of original documents.