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Many companies these days are looking to go paperless. Yet, there are still certain industries that generate a high volume of paper in the course of their daily operations.

Still, others have large and daunting backlogs of paper records to go through. It’s got to be done before they can go totally paperless.

Many companies deal with massive amounts of information on paper. Thus, it can be difficult to figure out a workable document destruction solution.

After all, you want one that saves both time and money. This is where a reputable Florida document shredding service can really come in handy.

How can this service provider help you to handle high volume shredding?

Collection Bins

Many businesses have high shred volume. Thus, they easily end up dealing with overflowing piles of paper that employees can’t keep up with.

Accordingly, seek a document shredding service that specializes in on-site operations. They provide offices with ample bins. In doing so, they control the volume of hard copies generated between shredding appointments.

Even better, these bins are locked so that employees can slide papers in for shredding. Though, others cannot remove them. In fact, this helps increase security.

Plus, it ensures employees without access to confidential data don’t get their hands on it due to an open bin. Of course, you go to a lot of trouble to compartmentalize data and set up password protection.

Therefore, don’t drop the ball on data security when it comes to your shredding policies and procedures.

Scheduled Pickups

Your mobile document shredding service works with you to create a schedule for pickup. They take your high volume into account. Perhaps, you need monthly, biweekly, or weekly appointments for shredding.

In that case, your service will show up to collect bins. Then, they’ll shred your documents on-site, while you watch. Hence, you know the job is done right.

You’ll get empty bins back to refill. Also, paper remains get carted away to a secure recycling facility. This, in turn, ensures there is no chance of theft.

Of course, you have options to schedule depending on your needs. Maybe, you have a typically high volume of paper generated. Perhaps, you simply want to work your way through a massive backlog of business records.

Digitization of Records

Shredding alone can be a major time sucker. That’s especially true for employees that have more pressing concerns. Additionally, it takes even longer if records need to be digitized first.

Rest assured. Your mobile shredding company has the means to destroy your hard copies. Plus, they’re able to first scan and digitize them. Therefore, your records remain complete.