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Perhaps, your business has no organized system of records management.  Thus, your business cannot function, at least not very well, and probably not for very long. 

That said, businesses progress and expand.  Even an organized system can suffer some measure of disarray.  Additionally, policies and practices can change. 

This, in turn, leaves gaps and inconsistencies in your records over time.  Unfortunately, this can all lead to a host of problems that only worsen with time. 

Of course, you have policies and practices in place.  They secure digital data and ensure proper document destruction. 

However, you need to take steps to streamline records management.  Otherwise, you’ll deal with serious consequences for negligence and mismanagement. 

Potential Data Loss

Obviously, data is essential to managing your business. This includes financial data and information about customer transactions. 

Also, it encompasses day-to-day operational planning and project information.  Thus, it’s critical to clearly define how records should be managed.  If not, you can end up with a system that works for no one. 

Maybe, the result is a lot of different systems that only work for individuals or small groups. This can lead to many issues. Possibly, your records are misplaced.  Perhaps, files are erroneously thrown away. 

Also, this includes documents handed over to your mobile document shredding service, or even data theft.  None of these scenarios is good for your business operations.  Nor, is your ability to protect sensitive data. 


Are your records are well-managed with an organized filing system? Do you have clear policies in place for document shredding and digital data destruction? 

If so, employees will be able to access needed information efficiently.  That’s because they’ll always know where it is. 

In reality, a disorganized system means employees have to spend time searching for the data they need.  In doing so, it wastes time.  Perhaps, it disrupts other employees in the process. 

This impacts performance and leads to frustration.  Additionally, in some cases, it keeps employees from completing essential tasks. 

Failure to Comply with Laws

Maybe, you’re not concerned about the potential delays and losses associated with bad records management.  In that case, you should know that your negligence could be a legal problem. 

In fact, privacy laws and standards are set forth by industry-related regulations like HIPAA and FACTA.  They require careful management of certain types of data.  This, in turn, protects the interests of consumers. 

Don’t fail to comply with all applicable laws when it comes to how you handle data.  Otherwise, you could face serious legal penalties or other consequences. 

This is why it’s so important to create an organized system.  Also, it’s best to work with a reputable Florida document shredding partner.  They assist in streamlining data destruction policies and procedures.