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Individuals and businesses understand the importance of document shredding for sensitive documents. After all, it’s better than throwing them in the trash.

However, there is a wide range of equipment available to handle the task. Yet, not all shredders are created equal.

Your shredder must meet set standards for document destruction. Otherwise, thieves will reconstruct documents using sophisticated software.

This, in turn, leads to a data breach or identity theft. Additionally, businesses could also face serious penalties as a result.

How can you tell which type of shredder is right for your home or business? It starts by understanding the differences between home and commercial shredders.

Also, it’s learning the benefits of hiring a professional shredding service. They will manage the task. Additionally, they’ll comply with all applicable standards and laws.


There is one main tenet of shredding that complies with legal standards like privacy laws. It’s the use of cross-cutting.

This means that paper is shredded in a straight line as you feed it into the shredder. Then, it is chopped into tiny bits thanks to multidirectional cutting.

Not all home shredders offer this essential feature. Conversely, most commercial shredders do.

Size of Shreds

Privacy laws are designed to ensure that confidential consumer data is kept safe. Therefore, this means shredded documents must be completely destroyed.

The remains are extremely chopped up. Thus, they cannot be scanned and reconstructed using computer software.

However, there is a problem. It’s that most individuals and businesses don’t have the time or inclination to keep up with legislation.

That includes reading the fine print to ensure that a commercial shredder meets current standards.

In fact, it’s a lot easier to hire a Florida document shredding company. Then, let them worry about such compliance.


Commercial shredders have a lot more capacity and features than home shredders. Therefore, it’s only natural that they would cost more.

This puts them out of the price range of most individuals. Yet, before businesses take on the cost, they should pause.

After all, it’s wise to consider all of the extra expenses associated with shredding. Also, think about keeping in compliance with privacy laws.

You don’t want to take valuable time away from paid employees that should be otherwise occupied.

Hence, in-house shredding means purchasing and maintaining suitable shredding equipment. Also, it means hauling paper remains to a secure recycling facility.

Actually, this is something a mobile document shredding service will handle for you.


Keep up with privacy laws. Also, be sure to understand the stricter industry regulations regarding data security. Both are complex and change over time.

Why fret over whether your shredding equipment is up to the task? After all, your document shredding service makes it their business to comply on your behalf.