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The Difference Between One-Time Shredding and Recurring Shredding: Everything Ft. Myers Businesses Need to Know

A hand pinching a bunch of shredded paper. This image represents the difference between One-Time and Recurring Shredding.

Throwing documents out leaves you vulnerable to data breaches and identity theft. That’s why paper shredding is a necessary process that business owners must use to dispose of their company information safely. 

But, not every business requires the same document shredding services. Is a one-time shredding service suitable for your company, or should you use recurring shredding services? 

We’ve broken it down for you to help you make the decision. But, first, here’s the difference between one-time and recurring shredding.

One-Time Shredding 

One-time paper shredding is exactly what it sounds like—a one-time shredding of your paper materials. This choice is excellent for businesses with low paper volume looking to purge the year’s important records, forms, mail, and so on. 

These shredding services are also known as bulk shredding. Bulk shredding can help remove high amounts of paper waste at a time. 

However, anyone can utilize a one-time shredding service. For example, if you need to remove last year’s tax and financial information, a one-time shredding service can do that for you. Or, if you need to remove papers after a contract ends, you can do so with bulk shredding.

When you have documents that are a liability to hold on to, a one-time shredding service will take care of them safely and according to compliance standards.

Recurring Shredding 

Recurring shredding is an ongoing shredding service you schedule to fit your needs. Typical scheduling includes weekly, bi-weekly, and every four weeks. 

These services are beneficial for companies with high paper volume. In addition, this option is great for businesses that constantly produce sensitive paper waste. Your shredding company will come with a secure container that protects the paper until it’s securely shredded and discarded. 

The paperwork goes into the container rather than being shredded in the office. Small office shredders can be inefficient and waste valuable time, money, and resources. With a recurring service, the documents go to a secure location for shredding. 

Which One for Your Ft. Myers Business? 

This question depends on the type of business you own and what your needs are. 

If you’re looking to remove your company’s paper waste on a regular basis, consider a recurring service. For example, if you need employees to discard paperwork at the end of every day or week, you could benefit from routine shredding. 

If you have less paper to discard—say, a big piles’ worth every year or six months—you may want to opt for one-time shredding services.

No matter your needs, let ShredQuick safely shred your documents. We offer both recurring (routine) and one-time (bulk) shredding services. Our experts can even help you determine what’s best for you. 

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