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The Evolution of Document Management in Naples: How Tech Has Changed the Game

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Document management is a broad term covering everything from the initial creation of a document to its storage and sharing, ultimately ending with its disposal. Document management technology dates back to the mid-20th Century and has evolved significantly since then. 

Document management is an essential tool for any business, and its evolution to its modern form offers countless benefits for businesses of all sizes. 

The evolution of document management hasn’t always been easy, but its benefits have always outweighed the challenges to boost office efficiency, streamline workflows, and increase security.

Document Creation

In the past, people created documents by hand or on typewriters. Today, almost all written documents are produced using word processing software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. These programs allow users to easily edit documents without rewriting them completely. 

Along with innovating the process of writing, services like Google Docs have reimagined the way we do business, offer education, and much more. Document management will never go back to the way it was before, thanks to cloud storage, instant sharing, and other modern technology we enjoy.

Document Storage

In the past, many companies stored hard copies of their documents in filing cabinets and other physical locations. This made it difficult for employees to access documents remotely or share them with others outside the company. 

Today, electronic document storage is used to make it easy for companies to store large volumes of information in an organized way so that employees can access what they need quickly and easily.

Document Sharing

Documents often need to be shared both within a company and with outside parties like clients or contractors. In the past, this was usually done through faxing or mailing hard copies of documents back and forth, which took time and money. 

Today, document sharing is as simple as sending an email attachment or giving someone permission to a Google Doc. 

Staying Up-to-Date with Changes in Document Management

As our workflows become increasingly paperless and move online, we face new challenges alongside new conveniences — particularly in the face of security. Technology offers a chance to enhance your organization’s security if you follow the right measures.

Throughout your transition from paper documents to online document management for your business in Naples, ShredQuick is here to help. Please contact our friendly team to learn more about our services and how we can help keep your company’s documents secure. 

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