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Think about medical practices. In fact, the government has ensured that strict obligations are in place. They are to protect the medical information of patients.

Consider the sensitive nature of patient records. Thus, it is essential that the information within them is protected. Actually, there are laws in place with penalties.

They apply to those who don’t respect the public’s privacy in medical settings. In reality, there’s one main obligation. It’s that those in medical facilities have to destroy documents in a specific way.

Therefore, it’s important to engage in proper document destruction. You must follow federal guidelines. In doing so, medical practices can safely dispose of patient records.

Needless to say, it’s important to properly destroy medical records. Really, it should be at the forefront of anyone’s mind working in the medical industry.

Protecting Patients

Of course, those who enter the field of medicine usually want to help people. Naturally, they want to care for those who are medically afflicted in some way.

Maybe, a medical practice is careless in its disposal of its patients’ medical records. In that case, it violates their trust. Also, it counteracts the reason why people enter the field of medicine.

What if you violate federal laws by not doing due diligence to protect the privacy of patients? It doesn’t help people. Truthfully, it hurts them.

There is much information found on medical records. This includes physical descriptions, social security numbers, account numbers, and driver’s license numbers.

Additionally they contain home addresses, telephone numbers, and insurance account information. Not to mention, they encompass spousal information and that of children.

There is a crucial medical practitioner’s responsibility. It’s to ensure this information does not end up in fraudulent hands.

Obeying Legislation

There are set demands on the federal and state level. They regard how medical practitioners handle patient information. These particular regulations determine what patient records must be retained.

Additionally, they define how long the records must be kept. Also they dictate how the records must be kept, and how they’re disposed of.

Think about The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It has certain security provisions in place for data privacy.

In fact, violating HIPAA by failing to engage in proper document destruction can put patients at risk. Plus, there are big consequences for medical practitioners.

This can include costly penalties or imprisonment. Let’s put HIPPA aside. There are some states that require additional measures.

This is all done to ensure the protection of patient records. It’s imperative that your medical practice disposes of patient records in a legal and HIPPA-approved way.

Therefore, it is best to employ a mobile document shredding service that is HIPPA certified. Consider Florida shredding company ShredQuick. They securely destroy all of your confidential documents.