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The Importance of Your Company’s Privacy Policy in St. Petersburg

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Let’s face it. Privacy is a big deal. From personal identity information to medical and financial records, keeping prying eyes from accessing sensitive details is vital today more than ever. Hackers and thieves are more sophisticated today than ever in their attempts to invade your (or your company’s) privacy and steal crucial information.

For that reason, every business needs to maintain a privacy policy. Not only is it desired everywhere, but it’s also legally required. There are many legal and moral reasons why your business must create a privacy policy and maintain one. 

It’s the Law

Just about every country has privacy laws requiring organizations to process and protect private information with care. It’s also the law that businesses, organizations, and similar entities display their privacy policy for public access. 

The fines for non-compliance with privacy laws can be astronomical, with the potential to devastate the finances of a non-complying business.

Third Parties Require It

Third-party companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft require privacy policies. Whether your company displays ads, collects contact information, or maintains bookkeeping records, you’re going to need a privacy policy that is not only comprehensive but also easy to find.

Privacy Policies Build Trust

People naturally gravitate toward those who make them feel secure and confident. Being transparent with your customers shows them that you care about them and increases their trust level with your organization. When customers trust your business, they are more likely to remain customers and refer others to your business.

Having a Privacy Policy Is Profitable

Expanding on the benefit of building trust, customers who have faith in a business will help it turn a bigger profit. These valuable customers recommend trustworthy businesses to other potential customers, expanding the company’s client base. 

In addition, customers will return to your business time and time again for the goods or services you provide instead of wandering off to your competitors.

Trust ShredQuick to Keep Your Privacy Promises

Within your privacy policy should be a statement of your company’s obligation to destroy sensitive information once it is no longer needed. You need a secure, safe, and cost-efficient way to fulfill that promise, and that’s where we come in.

ShredQuick will come to your location and shred documents on-site. We also provide hard drive destruction services, secure computer recycling. We can provide your business with security containers that no one can access until our team arrives to shred their contents. Contact ShredQuick today for more information.

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