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The Important Ways Keny Cory Has Changed Business Recycling in Sarasota and Throughout FL

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Recycling does a great deal to protect the environment from pollution. Business owners should do their best to recycle their company-related documents and paper for the sake of our planet.

Keny Cory, President of Public Affairs Consultants Inc, has changed the nature of recycling throughout Florida. She has passed several laws on recycling and sustainability and continues to educate about recycling across the state. 

Educates Businesses and Consumers About Recycling 

The most effective way to enact change is through education, and that’s just what Cory has been doing to make our great state of Florida more climate-friendly. 

Keny Cory often speaks at symposiums and seminars about the benefits of recycling. She’s spoken at (and for) the following organizations and conferences: 

  • The 27th Annual Water Reuse Symposium 
  • AWRA 
  • Florida Chamber Environmental Short Course 
  • Manufacturers Association of Florida 
  • Waste Expo
  • Recycle Florida Today
  • Keep Florida Beautiful 

Cory believes that more people will realize the importance of recycling through proper education, and that initiative has changed business recycling in Florida. Consequently, more companies have made an effort to recycle their old and used materials. 

Lots of Legislation 

Another way to spur social change is by passing legislation. Hence, Cory has over 20 years of experience helping clients design and pass environmental and sustainability legislation, including clients in the agricultural, solid waste, environmental, telecommunications sectors, as well as many others. 

Through this legislation, she has been able to increase Florida’s rate of recycling, even if that rate is only slightly above average. As a result, Cory has made it easier and more accessible for businesses in Florida to recycle. 

Examples of legislation include:

  • Defeated legislation proposing a landfill disposal fee
  • Passed legislation that extends landfill permit renewal period
  • Passed legislation creating a contamination notification system 
  • Streamlined the environmental permitting process 

All this legislation has created a more accessible and modernized recycling process for business owners, encouraging them to participate in sustainable practices. As a result, more businesses have begun to recycle their materials in the state of Florida. 

Recycling After Disposal 

Needless to say, we think recycling is a great thing. When businesses recycle their unwanted materials, their consumers may be inspired to do the same. 

However, disposing of sensitive information—even in the name of recycling and climate friendliness—can complicate matters for many companies. If that’s the case, how do you dispose of this information and still recycle it? The answer is ShredQuick. We will destroy your documents using a thorough shredding process. After, we’ll collect them and ship them to a paper mill for recycling.

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